Four Amazing Bucket List Destinations For Families

Being able to travel with your kids can be both daunting and fun. It kind of needs to be one of those things that you just get on and do, without giving it too much thought. There are so many different things that children can learn from travel, though, so if you can, it is an important thing to do with them. It can be harder and harder to get away as soon as they hit school age. So it is a good idea to have a few places that you want to go to in mind. Then you can be on the look out for the best deals and book something when it is suitable. Where are some of the best destinations to travel to with kids, though? Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

See the Northern Lights in Lapland
Now it is way too early to be thinking about the guy in red that resides in the area. But you can always enjoy a trip to Lapland at any time of the year. You are more likely to see the northern lights from September to March, though. But that still gets you a large window to travel in. One of the best ways to see them would be to stay in one of the many igloo hotels in Lapland, as you’ll have the best view in those locations. So that could be worth looking at if you and your children are keen to see them.

Island Hop in Greece
If your kids are a little older and will be fine with boats, then heading over to Greece is such a nice idea. The islands are easy to travel to, and they are quite simply, stunning. Crete, for example, is an amazing island to explore with so much wonder. Just rent a car through Rental Center Crete and get on your travels. It makes a pleasant change from just visiting France or Spain if you tend to head there for some sun. The beaches are beautiful, and the food is amazing. What isn’t there to love?

Explore Rome
You might not think that city breaks work too well with kids. But I think that Rome could be the exception. You might not want to face it when little ones are in pushchairs. But other than that, it is such a fascinating place; there is something for everyone. They can pretend to be Roman soldiers or gladiators in the Roman Forum and Colosseum. And let’s face it, the gelato is to die for too!

Discover Wildlife in the Galápagos
We all know that the Galápagos islands are going to be an amazing place to visit to see wildlife. So if you have some particular animal and wildlife enthusiasts, then it could be the trip for them. I would personally wait until they are older children, perhaps even teenagers. Just so they can fully appreciate it all and explore safely. The stark contrasting landscape from volcanoes to beaches to highland is enough to make me want to go anyway!

Do you have a holiday planned for the summer? Have you ever been to these locations?


  1. Would love to see the northern lights one day - will be spectacular

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