Working Women | Yorkshire Water Ranked As One Of The Best Employers For Women

As a Yorkshire woman, I love anything that shows off Yorkshire companies and women, and so when I read that Yorkshire Water has been ranked as one of the top 50 best employers of women in the UK, it made me smile.

Coming from The Times, which has recognised Yorkshire Water in its annual Top 50 Employers of Women list, this accolade is a great feat for such a big company to get. 

I love how Yorkshire Water are breaking down pre-conceptions that the utilities and engineering sectors are a man's world. And now, the number of women working for the company is 33% of the total workforce, which is substantial increase over the last three years, meaning it's getting even closer to being equal with every passing year. 

The firm, which is one the region's biggest employers, has a range of development programmes for women that enhance career progression opportunities across a range of sectors including engineering, science, environment and communications.

At the highest echelons of the company, at board level, there is currently four women and the company aims to further increase female board representation. I think it is great that such a huge company are tackling these issues of women being in the top jobs and trying to rectify it. 

Becky McDonnell, Head of Talent at Yorkshire Water, said: “We are succeeding in breaking down pre-conceptions that the utilities and engineering sectors are a man’s world. This is no longer true, as we have made a concerted effort to attract females to highly skilled front-line engineering roles as well as a diverse range of rewarding office based roles in HR, legal, communications, science and environmental that exist within the company. The range of opportunities we have is enormous and will attract talented females of all ages into the company from a diverse range of disciplines.”

In this day and age where us women fight for equality, it is such a breath of fresh air to see this Yorkshire company opening changing and helping women to get into this line of work that has been dominated by men for so many years!


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