Which Interior Design Trend Suits You?

When it comes to my home, it's full of a mix of designs. I like to make each room their own and try different styles in each. I make sure each room is functional and practical for what it is used for, but then I like to go a bit mad with the colours - I'm really not a monochrome type of girl!

So, when choosing your style, there are different options; 

Modern interior design has cool lines and a streamlined, uncluttered feel to it and is often mistaken as being minimalist. It doesn't have to be plain and lifeless but if you prefer open living with very few things to get in your way, then this is the style for you. 

Upcycled and Recycled
This seems to be a growing trend in interior design styles - the re-use of furniture in the home to create a completely unique look. Perfect if you're a quirky person and love doing your bit for the environment. It's also a great way to create something totally unique! 

This is one of my favourite looks and there's nothing wrong with enjoying the traditional look. I love pairing it with some modern touches to really make it stand out.  

Just to name a few...

Have you ever wondered which interior design trend suited you though? Well, now's your chance to find out. Simply check out this quiz by Balus Trade Components and it'll tell you exactly which trend suits you. 

According to their quiz, my preferred design would be industrial - the mixture of wood and metal really does work well and I'd love this type of look in my kitchen!


  1. I love the upcycled /recycled trend xc

  2. I have an eclectic taste, and our house is full our pieces from different periods