13 April 2017

Weekend Country Escapes In The Dales

It's not often that we get to go away without the children. I mean, trying to find someone who we trust to look after all three of our brood can be hard work. But when we do eventually get a night or 2 to ourselves, I love to look at weekend country escapes.

It means that we can have a break in the countryside, sleep in till the actual morning and go on long walks without lugging a pram and 3 children, who need to stop every 2 minutes, with us.

Across the UK there's so much beautiful countryside to be explored it's hard to choose where to visit - from the craggy hills of the Peak District to the serenity of the Lake District, Britain has some beautiful open spaces to be explored. But being a Yorkshire-person means that I love nothing more than venturing into the Yorkshire Dales on adventures. 

It's nice to have a look around and find a luxurious hotel, in the middle of nowhere, where we don't need to worry about facilities for children. Great Little Breaks offer some of the best country breaks there are. If you're looking for the meadows of the Cotswold's, or exploring the stunning New Forest, they have a place for that!

The Yorkshire Dales is known for its stunning scenic views and the overall feeling of tranquillity so we know that it's the perfect place to spend some child-free time together. After looking at the Rendezvous hotel, we knew it was the place for us. 

Not only is it situated in one of the most beautiful places, the Yorkshire Dales, but whilst there, we could enjoy a delicious three course dinner and two nights relaxing accommodation in their luxurious rooms. What's more, breakfast is included as are packed lunches so we could venture into the Dales with a picnic ready to devour. 

So, when we do eventually get a break to ourselves, it'll be great knowing that everything is sorted for us. We can just enjoy the weekend as a couple, exploring our beautiful surroundings. 


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