Fun Family Attractions in London

As a Northerner, I have never had the chance to visit London and although I, and the kids, would love to see the amazing sights that are on offer down South, the long train ride with 2 children and a baby had always put me off venturing too far. 

Now J is a little older though and can entertain himself, and play with T and C, it means that we can get further afield and so on the agenda is to finally get down South to our Capital and see all those amazing sights that we can usually only see by searching Google. 

Although we now have this idea to venture downwards and explore, it means getting saving as those trips don't come cheap. Luckily for us, I found Discount London who offer all of the amazing tours you can think of, like a Thames River Cruise, with amazing discounts. 

I mean, sight seeing across London is a massive task to do, but can you imagine doing it by cruise, along the most well known river in Britain. Seeing Tower Bridge, Big Ben and even the Shard from a totally different perspective.

And then, at the total opposite of the scale - a view from above with a trip on the London Eye to see that beautiful skyline and such a wonderful view from near and far. 

After the trips and many, many hours spent shopping and playing at the huge toy shops in London, we couldn't leave without seeing Buckingham Palace in all her glory. T has been wanting to visit the palace for an age so being able to see it and show him exactly where the Queen lives, he would be delighted. 

All that history, all that architecture, all that beauty. London has some truly amazing places to visit and sights to see so I can imagine that we'll need a few days there, just to get through it all. Better get planning!


  1. Spencer Broadley20:16

    A Yorkshireman - born and brewed - I worked in London foe about 20 years plus going to university there (LSE)'
    I can suggest the Royal Parks are great, especially for a picnic in good weather (Greenwich is my favourite but a bit far I suppose from Central London).
    I always found that the Science Museum was fantastic for both kids and adults (and it's free!)
    I hope you have a great time - xx

    1. Spencer Broadley20:20

      Oh - please check the places you want to visit as some (eg Tower Bridge) are not necessarily young-child friendly. Also make sure you have a London map and tube line map with you - Priceless

    2. The science museum was definitely one of my favorite things when I visited! Way more fun than seeing Big Ben and all the usual stuff ;)

  2. Some interesting ideas. Have not been to London for years.

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  4. Hopefully will be visiting later in the year - great suggestions thanks

  5. Well done, us southerners have the same problems getting up north. You have so much to visit