#DiscoverYorkshire | From Countryside to Seaside and Snap to Win

Being a Yorkshire person, I can't tell you just how much loyalty I have towards my County. Not just because it's where I was born, brought up, and brought all my children into the world here, but because it is such an amazing place to be. 

I love how you can go from countryside, in the deeps of the Yorkshire Dales, or even the North York Moors, and yet, at the other side of the County, there is the most amazing seaside towns which offer that British holiday vibes that we all know and love. With some of the best shopping places available in the cities from Leeds, to the quaint cobbled roads, and history filled, York. 

View over the south bay of Scarborough
There is nothing quite like visiting one of Yorkshire's seaside towns, and even this weekend, we stopped off in Scarborough for the night to just spend some quality time together. It was great to just turn my emails off, kick back and relax in what, surprisingly, was gorgeous weather. 

Living in a city, it's not often that we can just walk, and walk, with no interruption, in just peaceful surroundings. But that's what Scarborough provides - huge stretches of beach which are just there, ready to be explored. 

The sun rising over Scarborough South Bay
We woke early Sunday morning and went for a walk, away from the amusements and the busy areas, and I managed to capture the above shot which features the iconic Grand Hotel, Scarborough Castle, and even the Lighthouse managed to fit in too. 

And you obviously cannot go to the seaside without trying out the water. Now I'm a softy, so I'm a dip my toes in and then run back out kind of girl, but the kids just don't seem to feel the cold and hop straight in. 

Enjoying the sea with a view of Scarborough Lighthouse
C dived straight in and was drenched from the get go, I couldn't resist snapping this photo of him playing as the water passed over him, and I managed to get the beautiful lighthouse in the background too!

As I mentioned though, Yorkshire isn't just about the seaside towns, and fish and chips on the beach, there is so much more to offer. You can go the total opposite of the beach, with the likes of rambling in the countryside of the Yorkshire Dales. 

Janet's Foss, near Malham, Yorkshire Dales
The Yorkshire Dales is one of my most favourite places to visit when I just want to get out of the hustle and bustle of being in a busy city. It's like a whole different place, right on my doorstep. The Dales comprises of dips into the valleys, peaks up the hills, fast flowing water from the rivers with some hidden gems of waterfalls dotted around to be discovered as you walk along this stunning plain. 

For me, I adore that no matter what you want to do, there's a place in Yorkshire that you can visit. And so, if you love Yorkshire just as much as I do, then how would you like to be in with a chance of winning the ultimate Yorkshire hamper packed with Yorkshire goodies? 

Then now's your chance as Sykes Cottages have pulled together with loads of Yorkshire brands to offer the most amazing prize for Yorkshire lovers. including holiday vouchers, a year's supply of Yorkshire Tea and much more. You could win...
How to enter...
Sykes Cottages are on the hunt for the ultimate photograph that encapsulates the true essence of Yorkshire. Now you can get your imagination flowing here as you can interpret the brief in whichever way you choose. From stunning scenery to a shot of a perfectly brewed Yorkshire Tea or the fluffiest Yorkshire pud. It's all about being creative. 

Once you've got the perfect shot, simply post your picture to Sykes Cottages Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, adding the @SykesCottages tag, and include #DiscoverYorkshire in your post/tweet.

For more information and to find the T&C's, check out their Snap to Win page here, and good luck with the competition!


  1. How lovely that the county offers the best of both - countryside and seaside too. That is an absolutely amazing prize!

  2. I've lived in ilkley for almost 10 years now and so many places we haven't been yet in Yorkshire - I think because we didn't grow up here it can be hard to know where there is to go sometimes!

  3. What a fab prize. Love the North Yorks coast.

  4. Looks like a lovely place x