Building Design – How Does It Increase Property Value?

For any homeowner serious about adding value to property they own, there is a cacophony of information as well as endless listicles of the do’s and don’ts of what you should and shouldn’t do.

This can leave us in a predicament as it often leaves us wondering what is the best way of adding value. When it comes to building design, there is even more information and ideas, as well as suggestions and advice.

As always, the answer depends very much on your property, what style it is, what era it is, the locations and what the current trends are. These are more ideas, springboards for discussion about how you can improve the value of your property with building design.

Sorting Fads from Essentials
Firstly, you need to determine what is a fad and what it an essential addition to your home.

Trends are things that come and go but something that is classed as ‘essential’ is an improvement that is an improvement that will last in the longer term.

One essential improvement is the heating system in the home. It needs to be uber-efficient and responsive, cheap to run and most importantly of all, require little maintenance and is easy to operate. Of all the heating systems you can invest in, an underfloor heating kit is one of the most efficient and the simplest system to use.

It relies on a series of plastic pipe loops laid in the sub-floor to carry heated water throughout the rooms or areas in which it is fixed. The floor above grabs this heat and holds on to it, heating objects in the room, including you!

It is a far gentler heat, far more comfortable with no dust-laden warm air rising to the ceiling and falling back to the floor once cold.

Cheap to run and cost effective to install there is no doubt that underfloor heating as part of a building design will increase its value (and appeal) quite dramatically.

Clever Energy Efficiency Measures
An energy efficient home or building is not a fad but essential. With the cost of energy rising year on year, any building that boasts state-of-the-art energy efficiency measures is bound to be a popular choice with buyers and potential investors.

Some of these ideas may sound like a fad, but they have been around for some time and have proven results…

* Thermafleece – we have long known the warm nature of wool and, just as we reach for a woolly jumper in winter to keep us warm, a house design that include sheep’s wool as an insulation layer in walls and ceiling is sure to be a more comfortable home. Choose a treated product to keep mites at bay.
* Flax and Hemp - with potato starch added to natural plant fibres to bind it, this is another natural product with superior insulation properties. Treated with fungicide and insecticide, the product can also be fire retardant.
* Cellulose – a recycled product from newspaper pulp and other fibres containing cellulose is becoming a popular choice with builders. It can be blown into cavity walls, floors and roofs and is also used in quilts!
* Wood Fibre – created using waste products from the forest industry, there are an increasing number of wood fibre insulation products coming to the market. Familiarity with the material means it could be a choice that becomes increasingly popular.

Smart Home technology
Building design is not just about heat and insulation although, when combined, they make for an efficient and comfortable home.

Once seen as a fad, a smart, connected home is now a much sought after feature. As well as controlling the temperature of your heating system from your smart phone, it is now possible via an app to control the lighting, the opening and closing of blinds and curtains and, in some cases, remotely switch on and control washing machines, CCTV and so on.

This increased connectivity and control over the warmth and security of the home is welcomed by many people. Anyone designing their own home would do well to look at what a smart, connected home looks like.

Of course, this means a series of cables being laid within wall cavities and underfloor that allow parts of the home to be connected. Known as the Internet of Things, a home design that boasts the latest in smart home connectivity will be a desirable property.

Versatile, Flexible House Design for the 21st Century (and Beyond)
Buyers and investors are looking for increasingly sophisticated answers to living in a home that is warm and responsive to their needs. The right house design will have an impact on property value. What changes will you make?

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies has the latest underfloor heating kits and innovations that make heating any home cheaper, more efficient and more comfortable.


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