A Living Room Worth Living In

The living room is supposed to be the hub of the family home. It’s a place where you should all be able to gather and relax in front of the TV for a weekend movie night or where you can just drop everything and sink in after a hard day of work. However, there are some who too much on style and not enough on whether a living room is actually liveable in. Here, we’ll look at three major changes that could see it become a room actually worth living in.

Space is priority number one
There is nothing more stressful than trying to relax in a room where it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough room to do so. For one, you need to think of the actual layout of the room itself. The central part of the living room nowadays is between the seating areas and the TV. If people are constantly crossing in that space, it makes the space feel smaller. Creating a walkway around the seating arrangement can help with that instead. But you should also make sure that the living room is one place that clutter isn’t given a fighting chance. This can be made a lot easier by using multi-purpose furniture that contains extra storage space to quickly give any clutter or toys a temporary home.

Make sure all the senses are hit
A really relaxing space isn’t one that just looks clean, though that is important. You should make sure that the living room is a little sensory environment complete on its own and separated from the outside world. For instance, when it comes to sound, blocking out noise with wall-mounted acoustic tiles and using heavy curtains for the windows can help you get a bit of peace and quiet. Meanwhile, it’s always handy to have a supply of scented candles that wow to give you a pleasant sensory experience as soon as you walk indoors. You can talk about lounging in a place without talking about the touch, either. It’s worth considering whether or not you might have gone too minimalist with the room, adding a few cushions or rugs to offset what might end up feeling unnatural and harsh.

Au natural
That natural feeling is important to being able to really enjoy a room. The home is our bastion against the forces of nature but when it comes to relaxing, it’s the natural world that humans have a sense of yearning towards. It might be confusing but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the doors open and invite in all kinds of nature. Instead, think about using more natural materials like wood and stone in your décor. Consider adding a houseplant to the home, as well. Not only does it brighten the space and add that obvious natural appeal but it makes the air a lot cleaner and the home healthier, too.

The best living rooms are completely free of worry and jam-packed with relaxing sights, sounds, and accents. Hopefully, the tips above give you a few ideas on how you can correct the living room that just isn’t quite feeling right. 

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