Working Women | Yorkshire Water Ranked As One Of The Best Employers For Women

As a Yorkshire woman, I love anything that shows off Yorkshire companies and women, and so when I read that Yorkshire Water has been ranked as one of the top 50 best employers of women in the UK, it made me smile.

Coming from The Times, which has recognised Yorkshire Water in its annual Top 50 Employers of Women list, this accolade is a great feat for such a big company to get. 

Which Interior Design Trend Suits You?

When it comes to my home, it's full of a mix of designs. I like to make each room their own and try different styles in each. I make sure each room is functional and practical for what it is used for, but then I like to go a bit mad with the colours - I'm really not a monochrome type of girl!

So, when choosing your style, there are different options; 

Dietary Do's and Don'ts

Incontinence is a very real issue for many people in the UK. Although exact figures are not known, estimates are that up to 6 million could suffer from some form of urinary incontinence. With New Year the traditional time of year to take a long, hard look at our lifestyles, and make healthier choices, making positive changes can have an impact on urinary incontinence. 

We all know the importance of making good choices when it comes to keeping our weight inside healthy ratios, and making the right food and drink choices for us. If you are overweight, shedding 10% of your body weight will make a huge difference to your health now, and in the future. 


Building Design – How Does It Increase Property Value?

For any homeowner serious about adding value to property they own, there is a cacophony of information as well as endless listicles of the do’s and don’ts of what you should and shouldn’t do.

This can leave us in a predicament as it often leaves us wondering what is the best way of adding value. When it comes to building design, there is even more information and ideas, as well as suggestions and advice.

As always, the answer depends very much on your property, what style it is, what era it is, the locations and what the current trends are. These are more ideas, springboards for discussion about how you can improve the value of your property with building design.


My Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

As the weather is starting to warm up, it seems to be the time that we all start thinking about how we can get our gardens ready for summer. I know that all we want to actually do is to soak up the sun as soon as it arrives, just in case it disappears again, but it is nice to get your garden in shape before the summer months arrive, so you don't have to fight with weeds rather than enjoy the sun when it does finally arrive.

I try to make sure our garden looks gorgeous as during these months it really does become an extension of our indoor living space. Like another amazingly colourful room that is full of life for the whole family to enjoy. 

So, here are my tips to getting your garden ready for summer:

Outerspace Vodka Touches Down In The UK! And Here's How You Can Win A Bottle

This month, the award winning Outerspace Vodka has launched in the UK selling exclusively through 31Dover, launching on Wednesday 12th April, marking the anniversary of the first human space flight when Yuri Gagarin blasted out of the earth’s atmosphere.

Outerspace Vodka has a truly unique and edgy alien designed bottle and packaging which has made it one of the fastest growing liquor brands globally. Launched in the US just 18 months ago, the distinctive green alien head is attracting something of a cult following among consumers and on social media.


Travelodge Scarborough St. Nicholas Hotel Review

Travelodge Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel, Travelodge, Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel Building, Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas Hotel

Last weekend saw us travel to Scarborough for a short break. It's not often that we get some time where we are all free, with work and school to fit everything around, and so, we savour every spare minute that we get to spend together. 

After a bit of frustration, and thinking we were going to have to cancel our break to the seaside, Travelodge came to our rescue with a room for the night so that we could take our, very much needed, night away. 


10 Ways Natural Playgrounds Help Benefit Children’s Development

Playgrounds aren't just about fun, they are a key part of children's development. From confronting danger with climbing structures to social skills garnered by interaction in a play environment, playing outside also helps children grow.

Built using wood, stone, sand and water, natural playgrounds and adventure playgrounds are a growing trend thanks to their sustainability and their suitability in a wide variety of landscapes. Put simply, they blend more seamlessly into different environments – from National Trust parks to schoolyards. And the natural elements of play also benefit children's development.


3 Problems That Can Stand In The Way Of Your Relationship

You might want the perfect relationship with your other half, but a whole range of issues can get in the way of a happy and lasting partnership. If you’re struggling to keep your relationship strong, the following three problems may be at least partly to blame.

1. A lack of honesty
Honesty is the bedrock of good relationships. Without it, trust can quickly disappear and you might find that you and your partner start to drift apart. Of course, some issues are more difficult than others to be open and honest about. Whether it’s money troubles, jealousy or problems in the bedroom, you might find a range of topics tricky to discuss. However, no matter how awkward the issues may be to bring up, it’s important to make an effort.


#DiscoverYorkshire | From Countryside to Seaside and Snap to Win

Being a Yorkshire person, I can't tell you just how much loyalty I have towards my County. Not just because it's where I was born, brought up, and brought all my children into the world here, but because it is such an amazing place to be. 

I love how you can go from countryside, in the deeps of the Yorkshire Dales, or even the North York Moors, and yet, at the other side of the County, there is the most amazing seaside towns which offer that British holiday vibes that we all know and love. With some of the best shopping places available in the cities from Leeds, to the quaint cobbled roads, and history filled, York. 

View over the south bay of Scarborough


Le Rustique Brie de Caractère Tartlets with Honey Onion Relish

I love sharing recipes and so when Le Rustique got in contact and mentioned that they are celebrating with new recipes using honey as the secret ingredient, I just knew that I' love to give them a try. Le Rustique has partnered with food blogger and cheese lover Lavender & Lovage to create unique recipes combining the creamy textures of their Camembert and Brie with the sweet taste of honey in delicious recipes, perfect for picnics. 

After having a look at the recipes they had created, I decided that my favourite was the Le Rustique Brie de Caractère Tartlets with Honey Onion Relish and so I just had to share it.


Laminate – For Love And Money!

Picking the right kind of flooring can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you’re on the hunt for something child-friendly. Let’s face it, when you have little ones running round your home is never going to be spotless and it’s inevitable that things will get broken, but you can put measures in place to prevent such disasters!

Here at Luxury Flooring we think that the best option when it comes to incorporating kids and interior design is good old laminate!


Easter Egg Hunt | Can You Spot All The Chocolate Eggs & Bunnies?

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to prepare and get ready for the festivities that are upon us. Eggs galore, chocolate and Easter crafts, there is so much that can be done around the home to get the Easter party started. 

You can also have fun right from the comfort of your own livingroom and have a chance to win a fantastic prize in the Easter Egg Hunt Competition from Rattan Direct. 


A Living Room Worth Living In

The living room is supposed to be the hub of the family home. It’s a place where you should all be able to gather and relax in front of the TV for a weekend movie night or where you can just drop everything and sink in after a hard day of work. However, there are some who too much on style and not enough on whether a living room is actually liveable in. Here, we’ll look at three major changes that could see it become a room actually worth living in.


Fun Family Attractions in London

As a Northerner, I have never had the chance to visit London and although I, and the kids, would love to see the amazing sights that are on offer down South, the long train ride with 2 children and a baby had always put me off venturing too far. 

Now J is a little older though and can entertain himself, and play with T and C, it means that we can get further afield and so on the agenda is to finally get down South to our Capital and see all those amazing sights that we can usually only see by searching Google. 


Start-rite Super Soft Beetlebug Shoes Review

A short while ago, J was sent a lovely pair of shoes from Start-rite to try out and today I thought I'd write about how he's been getting on with them. 

After much deliberation, I had picked out the Super Soft Start-rite Beetlebug Shoes for him as I thought they would give him a good fit with the riptape fastening and protection as the leather will absorb moisture to keep feet dry and they have a lightweight and flexible sole too.