Why Switching To LED Lights Is Best

Over the next year we will be remodelling our whole house. From moving our bedroom and extending into the attic to create a huge master bedroom up there, to sorting both bathrooms, and the new en-suite, and a brand new kitchen too.

I've been looking around for inspiration and ways to make our kitchen stand out from the crowd, and with the help of some nifty ideas, creating some beautiful lighting features too. When it does come to our kitchen make-over though, I will be moving to LED lights to create our foodie sanctuary with the help of www.thelightingsuperstore.co.uk

You see, LED lights use very little energy, last a very long time and, unlike regular energy-saving bulbs, they are instantly bright when switched on.

How much power do LEDs use? 
LED Bulbs use up to 90% less energy than an incandescent or halogen bulb of equivalent brightness. So in the long run they will save us money because they use less energy, and because they are ultra long lasting - lasting for 25-30 years - it means that we wont be having to mess around changing them ll the time too, buying new ones time and time again. 

Instantly Bright Light
I personally love the fact that LEDs give out their light almost instantly when you flick the light switch, on. This is a plus to me as it means that you don't have to put up with dim light while they get going. I regularly get up in the night and hate going in the kitchen whilst it is so dim so having a bright light instantly is a perk to me. 

More Designs and Choice
What's more, there are so many different designs of LEDs that you can have around the room so you're no longer stuck with just the bulbs. Strips lighting under cabinets, downlights which are in the ceiling so there no bits sticking out, andyou can even get LED light bulbs too. 

I really cannot wait to get out designs underway on our brand new kitchen. And I'm sure downlights and under cabinet LEDs will be making an appearance. 


  1. Oh I'm fed up with my dim lighting when I get my new kitchen it's going to be LED all the way

  2. Lighting makes all the difference in a room, especially if you have a hobby with fiddly bits!!

  3. We have just started switching over to LED lights now for this reason :-)

  4. I bought our first LED bulb a few weeks ago and it has changed my life seriously...They are so much brighter and the light looks more natural.