Tips For A Sicilian Family Adventure

With three sons, going on a family holiday is always an adventure; no matter the destination. Nonetheless, when you purposefully want to ride the adventurous wave and give your family a trip to remember, Sicily is the place to go. With an endless choice of activities, food, and beaches galore, visiting the Italian island will leave you breathless. Booking a place to stay is easy, it might even be worth finding your family a villa as self catering holidays in Sicily provide you with an opportunity to really feel at home on this glorious island. All you have to do is pick your lodging, pack your bags, and Sicily will do the rest. Here are 5 activities to get you started:

One of Sicily’s main attractions is its active volcano, Etna. Towering over Catania, seeing the volcano from afar looks like a scene from a movie; and it’s even better when you climb it. A unique way to spend a day, climbing a volcano is definitely an adventure your children will not forget. And to reward the younger one’s long walk up, the next day you can visit the EtnAvventura park that offers the whole family an adventurous tree-climbing day of fun!

Puppet Shows
A new, and exciting activity for you and your family (children especially) is a trip to see a puppet show. Sicily is full of puppet theatres, and the shows they put on are wonderful. Not only is it an alternative way to spend a day or evening, but your kids will love the funny nature of the shows and laugh along.

What’s more adventurous than exploring the underwater world? With crystal clear beaches and a rich and colourful sea bed, being able to experience such a sight will make your trip all the better. The beaches on their own already look like a postcard, and spending your days at the beach will leave you feeling full of life. In fact, if you’re not particularly into the idea of staying underwater too long, let your boys enjoy the snorkelling while you watch them comfortably from your beach cabana.

Eat it up 
You’re bound to get hungry after all your adventures, so lucky for you Sicily brims with delicious and tasty options. With many typical dishes to pick from, you and your family won’t know where to start. One of the most delicious is the typical plate of Sicilian pasta called pasta alla norma, which consists in a rich tomato, eggplant, grated ricotta salata, and basil sauce. I personally assure you you will most likely be ordering it for the whole trip. However, if you actually end up not liking it, Sicily has you covered. Whether that be choosing from one of the many types of fish, arancini (fried rice balls),

Walking through Ruins
If you’re looking for more of a relaxing day, visiting the many ruins across Sicily is a great way to wind down. Being able to visit and walk in the same place where history developed is a unique experience for you and your family. Remember to bring sunscreen, water, and a camera- you’ll definitely want to take pictures!

So if you’re looking for an adventurous and memorable vacation spot, Sicily is the place for you. Dive into Sicily’s blue sea, scrumptious food, and majestic temples for your vacation; you’ll definitely be going back a second time!


  1. Im so jealous🙈 it looks beautiful. I would love to go there

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