These Details Will Immediately Deter A Home Buyer

I’ve written quite a few articles on selling a home. I’ve talked about how to get your home ready for a sale and what to do if you’re sick of waiting for your home to sell. But one of the things I haven’t touched on is what makes home buyers avoid your house completely. They stop thinking about buying your home and start looking at the one across the street. These are some of the things that you’ll need to fix in your property before you consider putting it on the market. 

Is That A Loose Tile?

If it is, you need to get it fixed pronto. Most people know that a loose tile on a roof isn’t a serious issue with your home. It’s certainly doesn’t mean that leaks are going to be a problem. There’s a layer underneath the tiles that will keep your home safe and dry. However, when you’re buying a home, you won’t see this. A Home buyer will look at a missing or loose tile and expect the worse. They will want to inspect your attic. And even if there isn’t a nasty pool of water with mould on the walls, they’re still not going to buy. You see, a loose tile or problem with your roof suggests something else. It suggests that you haven’t been looking after your property as well as you should. The best thing that you can do is to look for a roofing company. They will be able to fix up your roof before you put the property on the market. It’s important you do this before any potential buyers see your home.

Oh Dear, Look At The Garden

A poorly managed garden is another point that suggests you haven’t been looking after the property as well as you should. That might mean overgrown grass, uncut shrubs or dead flowers. Anything like this is a curb appeal disaster, and you’ll be lucky to get any views at all. There’s a simple solution. You can either complete the work on your garden yourself or hire a landscaper. A landscaper won’t just tidy up your garden. They will work on it to make it look far more impressive and a stunning area on your street. Don’t forget an overgrown garden also makes your home look smaller than it actually does?

Pets? No, No, No

It does depend on what type of pet and how well you can make it look like you don’t have one at all. Some homeowners are always going to be reluctant to buy a property where there’s a dog. Particularly if the dog in question is an out of control boisterous licking machine. Again, it helps buyers form some rather negative views about a property. So, the best way to deal with this is to hide the pet when you open the home for viewings. Remember, you don’t have to disclose details about the property if they don’t ask. So, unless they directly enquire about a dog, you don’t have to introduce them to Basil. And if you have a pet vacuum cleaner, a couple of odour sprays and some masking smells they’ll never ask.

Take this advice, and you’ll never lose a potential offer because your home is unattractive to buyers. 


  1. So important to invest a little bit of time and effort -really does improve the chances of selling

  2. interesting, i am just about to start viewing houses