The Secrets Of The Eco-Friendly Home

The eco-friendly concept is often associated with expensive technology and projects to save the planet. The image of millionaires paying to help to regrow large elements of the Amazon rainforest pops in mind. In truth, you don’t need to one of the wealthiest persons around to help to save the planet and make room for nature in your neighbourhood. Most people don’t even know what they could do to build a greener and safer world every day. It doesn’t have to break the bank: You can help whatever the budget you are working with. 

Save The Planet
Save the planet, make the world a better place for the future generations. While this doesn’t mean that you should work on a world peace project – but nobody is going to stop you if you’ve got an idea about it – this means that you can have a look for renewable energy options that you could implement in the comfort of your own home. You can even receive governmental funding for some of these green projects. Additionally, without looking to change your energy system, you can certainly look to save your energy costs. From using the Selectra energy comparison tool to becoming more mindful of your consumption, you will find that there are plenty of ways to join in. So why not start today?

Organic Household Cleaners

Chemical products are far from being environment-friendly. They are dangerous for your family too: Skin irritation, poisoning, and allergies, they are not family-friendly. So it’s good to know that you can use organic products or organic housewife’s tips to keep your house spotless and fresh. For example, try cleaning your steel surface in the kitchen with lemon juice: The acidity will keep them shining like new. 

Organic Eating For The Win
There’s no need to explain how dangerous processed foods can be for your body: They can generate new food allergies and food intolerance issues, and they create a form of chemical addiction for your brain and taste buds. But when it comes to organic and non-organic food, people tend to assume that they are just the same. This is wrong. For example, organic milk contains more antioxidants and vitamins than non-organic milk, making it a healthier option. Organic tomatoes also contain a lot of antioxidants which helps to reduce heart disease and the risk of developing cancer. This isn’t something that you can find in non-organic food. So, trust the naturally grown food! 

Love Wildlife
More and more parents are looking to create a garden that can attract wildlife. This is the result of wanting to show their children what real birds, hedgehogs, and bugs look like. Urban life and air pollution have naturally pushed the wildlife away from our garden, so you’ll need to work on giving it some room into your life. The easier way to start is to provide birds with a welcoming package, such as a sheltered box that is away from potential predators and balls of protein-rich food. You can also add a pond of fresh, unchlorinated water to attract frogs. Make sure to add waterlilies to keep the water oxygenated and for a touch of colour too!

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