The Kitchen Of A Food Lover

Some people are happy with a basic kitchen, perfect for cooking pasta dishes and chicken nuggets. Some of us fantasise about kitchens that dreams are made of. If you love cooking, you need a kitchen which is amenable to experimentation. There needs to be extensive surface space, incredible storage, and all sorts of fancy gadgets and appliances. If you love cooking, your kitchen becomes your living room, and it needs to be perfect.
A logical layout
When you’re in a cooking frenzy, the layout of your kitchen is essential. Having to move backwards and forwards between stations unnecessarily can be exhausting, and just more the whole process slightly less enjoyable. A double sink is a perfect example of something invented with cooking in mind. In one half you can stack hot pans and trays waiting to be washed, and in the other half, you can still use the running tap for filling pans and making stock.

Full height cabinets
Storage is essential for any budding chef. The more storage, the better. Food lovers like to collect weird and wonderful ingredients from all over the world, and these need a place to live. From gram flour to saffron, green lentils to sumac, they all need a place to call their own. A revolving spice rack or two is a great space saver, and other ingenious storage solutions such as larder drawers are great for increasing shelving space, but also making ingredients more accessible. 

Stone surfaces
Kitchen counters need to be durable, to say the least. They take all sorts of wear and tear from hot pans, knives, jars being dropped on them, and more. They need to be able to take it all on the chin. Stone, such as marble from Mole Valley Masonry, are the perfect kitchen surfaces. As a bonus, if you fancy trying your hand at becoming a chocolatier, marble surfaces stay cold, making them the professional chocolatier’s preferred counter top.

The stove of your dreams
A cook needs a place to cook, right? And all cooks will have their preferred hob type. Are you a fan of gas, electric, or induction? All that matters if that you get enough rings to fulfill your hob desires, and you get one which is good quality. Heat distribution and timing are essential for amazing cooking, so cheap hobs really don’t cut it. The same goes for ovens - you want the heat to be properly distributed, and since you’re using it frequently, it’s great if it’s energy efficient too.

All mod-cons and gadgets
Finally, it’s all about the appliances. Mixers, waffle irons, garlic peelers, refrigerators, the list goes on. A bad workman always blames his tools, but frankly, he’d be a rubbish ironmonger if he was trying to work it with a banana, right? The better the tools you have, the better the food you make, or at least, the easier it is to make it. So if anyone ever asks if you need a new set of measuring cups, another kitchen knife, or a new microplane grater, the answer is always “of course I do” if you really want it.

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