Striking the Right Balance Between Being a Mum and Having a Social Life

Life as a mum to little ones is full of precious moments, but even though you might have dreamed of being at home with the kids, there are times when you can feel a little bit isolated and lonely. It’s not always easy to combine looking after a young family with a social life, so you have to find nifty ways of being a good mum and making sure you don’t go crazy because you’re not getting enough adult conversation during the day.

If your social life has shrunk to the five-minute chat at the school gate, try some of these ideas to become more sociable.

Get Chatting While you Play Bingo
Bingo is a fun game that gives you a break while you’re having a cuppa or waiting for the kids to come out of ballet class or do their swimming lessons. What's more, on a bingo site like Sun Bingo opens up a new way to socialise. As there are chat rooms linked to the games that you’re playing, while you’re watching the progress of your cards, you get to join in the banter between the players of the same game. Even though it’s online, there’s a community feel to each game. You can discuss how well you’re doing as well as talking about things that aren’t connected to bingo. Many a friendship started on online bingo sites - and some people end up meeting new friends that play on the same site but turn out to live in the same town as each other too, so their friendship can develop in the real world.
It's not just about chatting either - there are side games to be played with all kinds of prizes to be won when you're there.

The fact that there’s a big community side to online bingo means that even when you’re not playing you can keep an eye on promos, giveaways and new chat hosts at your favourite site by following it on Twitter and Facebook.

Join a Dog Walking Group
Walk the dog and the kids get to have some fun in the fresh air at the same time. But rather than just going alone, join a dog-walking club and meet up with other mums. It’s a great way to meet new people and the kids will get to play with children outside of their usual playgroup or nursery circles too.

Credit: Pixabay

A quick search online will probably bring up lots of local dog walking groups, but if you can’t find one near you, take the initiative and see if you can start a group of your own. It won’t need much effort - just setting up a Facebook page and sharing it with your friends will probably be all you need to get it rolling.

If you don’t have a dog of your own, look into borrowing one at a site like borrowmydoggy.com - lots of dog owners out there would be very happy for someone else to share their dog walking rota with them. There are lots of fantastic places to walk in Yorkshire of course, but you may want to research some particularly dog-friendly routes to make sure your four-legged friends will be welcome.

Set up a Crafting Circle
Instead of making playdates just for the kids, arrange it so that you and other mums can do something fun at the same time. A crafting circle is really easy to organise, and it’s amazing what different skills people have that you might not even be aware of.

Credit: Pixabay

Choose a regular time to get together and decide on a project that you can all work on together. That way, you can save by buying whatever materials you need in bulk. Perhaps your first meeting could be a group trip to Hobbycraft. Then, one of you can lead the project and teach the others what to do. When that’s nearing completion, you can discuss what to do for your next group project and someone else can take the lead.

You can sort out a rota system for someone to keep an eye on what the kids are up to, while you all craft at the kitchen table. Not only will it mean that you can all produce original Christmas and birthday presents for friends and family, it’s also a great way to get that regular time together without just sitting and drinking tea.

In many ways, kids can be great for widening your social circle, not limiting it. You just need to be creative with how you fit in being a mum with some time spent enjoying grown-up companionship.


  1. It certainly does increase your circle of friends -met so many great friends through swimming and school clubs -its the part that keeps me happy

  2. Some good suggestions, I had kids quite young and lost a lot of my friends because we were all at different stages in life

  3. Remember you are you and multi faceted person xx