Storage Solutions- Make Your Space Go Further

Whether you're downsizing or just looking to optimize the space you have, it’s never easy to edit a home. When you need to make everything more compact or easily storable it’s difficult to know where to begin. Our sentimental attachment to items and subjective approach makes it hard to see clearly at times. If you need so helpful tips or inspiration about storage or maximizing space in your home, take a look at these ideas…

Decluttering The Kitchen

Organizing the kitchen is a tough one. We often feel like we already have ample cupboard space, and it can be difficult to see where space can be saved with so many essentials around. 

The worktops are one area you’ll want to maximize. It’s where we do all our food prep and we can tend to clutter these surfaces with things we don’t need. If you don’t use your microwave regularly, clear out a cupboard near to the cooker and store in there. This goes for any blenders and juicers too. Be realistic about what you need to be on the countertops every day. Similarly, it’s a good idea to have a dryer stacked above a washing machine. This frees up some floor space and is a much more efficient design. Speak to a builder about fitting a cupboard to house the dryer in to stabilize it. If you’re downsizing, or need all the space you can get, swap bulky sinks for a compact kitchen sink instead. 

Organizing The Bathroom

The bathroom is one area of the house which cries out for storage solutions. Most of us have toiletries, towels, bathrobes, and maybe even a bin which all need storing. Bathrooms should be tranquil, fresh, and clean places. The last thing anybody wants is hairbrushes lying around, towels strewn on the floor and robes crumpled up. 

Start by buying a heated towel rack. This is a really handy way to store towels whilst you’re using them.It frees up a lot of space because it’s fixed to the wall, so won’t encroach on floor space. Similarly get a vanity unit for any medicines or cosmetics that you keep in the bathroom. These usually come with a mirror too. In terms of everyday essentials, some hooks are a good simple way to hang clothes or robes. Another great bathroom accessory is a soap dispenser and some shelves or organizers

Sorting Out The Spare Room

In some houses, the spare room can become a bit of a dumping ground for items that aren’t used every day. This can make it much harder to get ready when guests are actually coming. Make sure you have enough storage solutions. This will meant that clothes and personal belongings can be neatly put away, and double as extra room for you when guests aren’t staying. 

A luggage rack is a good idea. Place this at the end of the bed so that any suitcases or travel bags can be easily unpacked. A chest of drawer and wardrobes provide guests with space for their clothes, remember to put some hangers in too. A bedside table is an easy way to neatly store some books or magazines by the bed, along with a lamp. 

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