Nifty Nursery Design Ideas That Won’t Eat Your Savings

When you’ve had a baby before, you realise that spending hundreds of pounds on a nursery is a bad idea. Not because you don’t want your new addition to have a lovely bedroom but because it’s not necessary. The fact is that babies outgrow their nurseries incredibly quickly, so spending a large sum of money on creating the perfect space is somewhat of a waste. 

The good news is that even if you decide to decorate your new addition’s nursery on a budget, you can still make it a beautiful space. Believe it or not, creating a beautiful nursery on a budget is much easier than you would think, it just takes a little creativity, that’s all. For example, make sure you gain more info on the coupon codes and discounts available for bedroom renovation for stores like Lowes, as saving money this way can make a huge difference. Read on to learn some more money-saving tips for nursery design ideas when you’re on a small budget.

Add an accent wall
If the room is already painted in a neutral tone, you won’t need to do anything to it. If not, get some white paint and re-paint the space in white or cream. Then, add an accent wall or two accent walls in a different colour - this works out cheaper than painting or wallpapering the entire room as coloured paint and wallpaper is expensive, so accent walls tend to work well. If you opt to paint your accent wall or walls, pastel hues like duck egg or lemon tend to work well. If you choose to wallpaper your accent wall or walls, make sure to pick a design that’s simple, stylish, and if you don’t know the baby’s sex yet, gender neutral. If you rent your home, contact paper can work well as a wallpaper alternative as it can be easily removed with no damage to what’s underneath. 

Make your own soft furnishings 
A great way to cut costs and create a more personalised space is to make your own soft furnishings. From the curtains or blinds for your baby’s nursery to the rugs and throws for it, you can make most, if not all, of the soft furnishings yourself. It’s much easier than you would think to make your own soft furnishings, it’s just a case of buying prestigious textiles that are of a high quality and match the colour scheme of the space. For patterns, take a look online and see what’s on offer and pick a pattern that will allow you to create the perfect soft furnishings. 

Get the furniture second-hand and upcycle it 
It might be tempting to go to your local home store and pick out all new pieces of furniture for your little one’s nursery, but it will cost you and arm and a leg. New nursery furniture that’s of a good quality - aka made from solid wood, is expensive. It’s a much better and more budget-friendly idea to pick up your nursery furniture second-hand. You can pick up some beautiful wood pieces for incredibly low prices. The best thing about second-hand wooden furniture is that it’s super easy to upcycle. All it takes is a little sandpaper and some varnish or wood paint, and that’s it. It’s quick, easy, and cost-effective. Instead of buying a changing station, it’s a much better option to buy a large chest of drawers and use that as a charging station because it will grow with your child and can be part of their toddler bedroom too. 

There you have it, lots of nifty nursery ideas that are perfect for creating a nursery for your new addition on a small budget.

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