It's The Finishing Touches That Make The Room Unique

We are currently gathering all of the supplies necessary to create our new living room. I've been wanting to redecorate for a while but have been putting it off whilst J is so young. You know what sticky fingers are like around wallpaper!

What I've realised whilst scoping out everything that we need and collecting everything up, is that we can pick out the wallpaper, the carpet, the new suite, but the room isn't complete without the accessories - they are in fact what makes the room and finishes it off into the design you pick. 

Well we have decided on a grey theme (I say 'we' but I mean 'me'!) which will be our base so we can then accessorise and complete the look that has been in my mind for a while now. Beautiful damask wallpaper will be the focus on the main wall with some stunning white framed pictures and a sideboard for our television. 

The rest of the room will be painted grey, with a dark grey carpet and silver shimmer rug. Then the best part comes in, choosing the decor to fit with the base. And if you look around the most beautiful rooms, you'll usually find that the actual room is quite plain. It's the lights, the curtains, the vases and ornaments, candles, everything else that gives it the luxurious touches and makes it stand out. 

We have picked out the best eyelet curtains uk that we can find to give the windows that extra bit of luxury, given the lights some Moroccan love with a touch of silver, and finished with some beautiful silver candle holders and some stunning blue vases to give the colour a bit of pop. 

If you're needing help with what trend to go for, then Julian Charles have created their SS17 trend style guide which gives inspiration for interiors.


  1. It certainly does make the room look amazing -great ideas for me as I'm hopeless at interior design

  2. Looking forward to decorating when I finally move, they grey is lovely

  3. I think grey is the best colour for a living room - I really love the wallpaper and I have a grey carpet and it actually makes my living room look much bigger and brighter.

  4. Anonymous11:25

    I completely agree with you about the finishing touches making a room, we recently discovered that it can be really difficult to get right as well. We remodelled our lounge and were not happy at all when we’d finished but couldn’t put our finger on what the problem was. It turned out that it was our curtains, we had some pre packed curtains that didn’t work, the drop was not right and the pattern didn’t compliment the rest of the room at all. We decided to go for made to measure curtains from Curtains Curtains Curtains (https://www.curtainscurtainscurtains.co.uk/made-to-measure-curtains.html) and they worked really well. It really helped being able to pick the right style and have control over the drop so they didn’t look odd and it changed the room completely. Now we love it, it’s funny the power a small thing like the right curtains has over how a room looks!