Interior Design On A Budget

Just because you don’t have the funds that doesn’t mean your home should lack flair. These days it’s all about upcycling and paying attention to our eco-footprint anyway, so anyone can update their interiors. If you have a lot of passion for your home but not a lot of money, read these top tips for re-designing your interiors on a budget. 

Colour Is The Cornerstone

Great news, colour, or a lack of, is the first step to transforming the interiors of any home. The best interior designers out there swear by this first step. Before attempting anything else sit down and work out a colour scheme for the entire house. Of course, this doesn’t mean the same colours in every room, but it helps create a cohesive scheme. It’s fine if your palette includes oranges, blues, and greens, for instance, because there are lots of different shades and applications of colour which will help differentiate rooms.

Paint is cheap but utterly transformative. Once you’ve decided on a scheme workout which colours you want on the walls in certain rooms, which will act as accents, and so on. Think about the mood you want to create in a room. A touch of green in the kitchen works well to reference nature and all things organic, but you may want neutral walls to keep things looking clean and fresh. If this is the case you could add some blue or orange to the floors. Similarly in the living room, adding orange to the walls is a great way to suggest warmth and create an uplifting feel. You may want to add royal blue accents like pillows or blankets. 

Embrace All Things Eclectic

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on doing up your interiors, it will help to embrace the eclectic style. The chances are you’ll have some pieces you’re desperate to keep. These will have to work alongside new pieces you’ll be creating or adapting by upcycling. This mishmash of styles, eras, designs, and colours can be daunting at first. Embrace it thought and combine your antiques and heirlooms with some quirkier modern pieces. This will add character and personality to rooms. It can also help a room to look much more luxurious and expensive. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

This is so important when you're on a budget, but especially if you’ve taken on a bigger project. It is possible to find cheap bathrooms and kitchen but it requires a lot of shopping around and planning. If you’ve splashed out on a cooker, shower, or vanity unit, you’ll probably be feeling the pinch. Rather than buying all your fixtures and fittings, try and make rooms look more luxe for little money. For instance, you don’t need to buy an expensive light fitting for the kitchen. Instead. you can cheat your way to a luxury feel. A low hanging light above a kitchen table with a copper lined light shade immediately adds some drama and modernity to a room, on a budget.

Similarly, try using reclaimed wood to panel cupboards in the bathroom. This is very on trend and will revamp old cupboards without having to replace them. Spending a little more on items like bath mats, robes, and even soaps can trick us into thinking a bathroom is more expensive than it is. 

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