Fun Outdoor Activities To Keep Kids Busy

As a mum to three children, I know full well that some times I will be left with my heart in my mouth as they go off in to their adventures and push the boundaries to reach new heights. Whether this is trying to climb the highest tree, or zooming around on their skates. us parents have a raw deal when it comes to watching them fly around without a care in the world. 

I do think it is great for children to get outdoors and show off their adventurous side though. And with the weather being so lovely this week, it has been amazing to see the children pushing themselves and trying new things. 

Here are my top 3 fun activities to do outside to keep kids busy...

Anything With Wheels
Whether it's riding their skateboards, bikes or playing on their skates, the boys adore zooming around, as fast as they can. With a love of stunt moves, we always use Proline to make sure we have spare parts, and safety gear to keep the children rolling. They love the local skate park as it means that they can practice ramps and bumps in the road, and gives them space to manoeuvre about too.

Climbing Higher And Higher
A tree, a wall, anything really. They really do like to be up there, all high. It's usually quite hard to go anywhere as if we pass a tree, they'll all have a go at scaling it. I think it's amazing how much you notice your children growing when they climb trees. From being able to get a foot or 2 from the ground, to scaling new heights. 

The Love Of Balls
It doesn't matter whether you're male, female, young or old. Everyone loves a quick game of football. And I don't mean sticking on the sports channel and watching a game, I mean going to the local park and playing it, for fun. We have plenty of footballs, to many in fact. And the kids always take one when we go to the park. It's a great way to get the whole family involved too. 

What I love about outdoor play is that it keeps children moving, it keeps them playing and helps their fitness levels whilst being fun and educational whilst learning new skills along the way. 

What are your children's favourite outdoor activities?


  1. Totally agree with these! Wheels & balls are my saviour haha. Wheels for the eldest (she's obsessed with her scooter!) and any kind of balls for my 1 year old will keep him entertained xx

  2. Perfect ways to get out and about and more importantly exercise and fresh air

  3. Some great ways to get kids outdoors.

  4. My son loves being outdoors especially parks where he can climb and hang on anything and practise his gymnastics as more space

  5. My girls love going out on their scooters