Creating The Perfect Style For The Older Man

When it comes to clothing purchases in our household, I'm usually the one doing the buying. Even for my husband, I end up choosing out his looks as he just doesn't have the eye for style. 

My husband does like wearing nice clothes, and even though he would be classed as an older gentleman, he doesn't like to dress that way. Sticking with younger styles and fashions, which I love as I don't see why we should have to change our style just because we get older. 

Looking at Chums mens clothing online I decided to pick out a few items that are favourites of mine and that would make the ideal outfit for my husband to wear as an everyday style. From crisp shirts, and well fitting trousers, offering a comfort and style for all men that will then become timeless staples in their wardrobes.

My husband loves nothing more than a nice fitted pair of jeans, with a shirt and some comfy shoes, so that's what I picked out for him. This would be his ideal everyday style.

So, from top to bottom, I picked out the Pegasus Check Shirt in Wine as I thought that this would work wonderfully in the summer sun. I find that short sleeved shirts look more smart-casual, the perfect style for my husband. 

The Pegasus 5 Pocket Jeans in Navy were my next choice as they contain 3% elastane so stretch to give a more comfortable fit whilst still looking fashionable. I think shirts and jeans just look so great together!

And so for the shoes, I went for the Premium Suede Desert Boots in Tan as this style is just so in at the moment and I think the colour will look great when paired with the brightness of the shirt. 

Overall, I think that my husband could rock this look quite easily for day-wear and going out too as the shirt gives it just enough style and smart-ness to rock the night away. 


  1. Lovely outfit, my husband would never let me pick his clothes

  2. Loving their choices -sounds a great site

  3. Lovely ideas, a gentle nudge is all it takes ;) x