Bake It 'Till You Make It: Tips For Making A Business Out Of Baking

Having a hobby is a great way to pass your free time. Being able to wind down and do something you enjoy is an important way to take your mind off work too. But what happens when your hobby has a chance of turning into a full time career? Living off something that you love doing is rare, so when you have the chance of making that switch, do it! And if baking happens to be that particular hobby, turning it into your career should be a piece of cake; here are 5 tips to get you started!

Get Experience
When you start, and you’re officially set on making it, a good way to test your skills is by getting further experience. For example, taking baking classes to learn more skills is important, and could help you learn discover many new secrets. And once the classes have been completed and your experience improved, an even better way to get your career on the move is by working in an actual bakery. Bakeries are a hot spot everywhere, so understanding the job, and your competition, through working in an actual bakery could be just the right thing for you. Check sites like uk.jobrapido.com, that offer the latest job listings in Leeds or any other city in close proximity to Yorkshire.

Form a community
Finding a baking community and people that share your passion can lead to new connections, and consequently open lots of valuable doors. Knowing people that share your same enthusiasm for the culinary field is a reassurance when you may be doubting yourself or your sweets. Whether the community is online, at school, or within your family, having an outlet where you can talk about all of your baking ideas and projects, is certainly a good support system to have behind you when you start making the official switch to baking for a living.

Build your brand
If you’ve had the desire to bake for a living for a while, you’ve probably already dreamt about your first little shop. And because the dreaming part is what should become reality, developing your own brand is an important step in making the dream come true. The brand should reflect you as a baker, and should let people know what you (and your creations) are made of. Seeing how the baking world tends to be full of colours, swirls, and tiny details, your brand should show the outside world what they’re getting when they pass your bakery. And if you plan on running your business from home, having an online page where people can contact you and see your creations is an important way to assert yourself in the baking world.

Where to sell?
Choosing where to sell and settling your baking roots is a decision you should take early on. Deciding what type of baking you’re most passionate about, and therefore what target audience you’d like to bake for, will help you figure out the “selling” question. Moreover, baking is so widespread that studying the competition around you could give you yet another insight and help you with the final decision.

Take your time
There are many important details and steps to remember and keep track of when you start your “hobby to career” journey, but one of the most important ones is to take your time. There is no need to rush anything, and by taking your time you will be able to enjoy the process, and give your attention to the smallest things too. Deciding to make a career swap is already

important enough, and cutting corners won’t help you much. So remember to breathe, and make decisions with time on your side.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t fret if your baking dream is taking longer than you expected. Just think of the end result, and remind yourself that you will soon be doing what you love for a living!


  1. Love making but never considered it for a living -thanks for the advice

  2. I like to bake, i doubt it would be good enough to sell