26 February 2017

WTBW | Rocking Clothing From The Little Rock Store

As a person, I'm not really in to the standard fashion and so when it comes to dressing the kids, I love dressing them in alternate fashion. Leggings and tights are a firm favourite the dress the boys in plus they have the added extra in that they are super comfy to wear.

Littlerockstore is the online retailer of official band merchandise for babies and kids - their mission being to share their love of music and of kids. Offering a whole range of fashion items for some of the most favourite pop / rock bands for a baby, toddler or child. They offer their customers the widest possible range of band merchandise for children.

Every items is exclusively certified quality products and there are many bands to choose from. From the old favourites such as The Beatles, to big rock bands - Metallica and Foo Fighters for instance.

Recently J was sent 2 items from their ranges - cool baby clothes in the form of a Foo Fighters Kids T-shirt and a pair of Beatles Yellow Submarine Tights so I dressed J up in them and got to snapping away. 

The Foo Fighters t-shirt is such a favourite of mine and so I couldn't wait to try it on him. A black t-shirt with a metallic silver logo on the front depicting the bands name. The t-shirt is a really good size with plenty of grow room in it so will last a while. It is also of a very high quality and washes so well, keeping in shape, even after being in the tumble dryer too. 

The Beatles tights are just adorable. With little yellow submarines printed on them, they are a great for for J and give plenty of stretch. I love how soft they are and still quite thick material which means that J can just wear them on their own, with no trousers over them - showing off that cool print!

I am so happy with the quality of both garments and now just need to decide which other bands merch to purchase for the kids - I'm thinking matching Metallica t-shirts!


  1. These are lovely matching Metallica is perfect

  2. Aww wow this is amazing <3 so cute!!

  3. Cute, I love those tights. Will be having a look at the Beatles merch

  4. What a great range,never heard of it before,so thanks for sharing x

  5. So cute. Bever heard of the range before

  6. Oh my god these are too cute. So glad there is a company making things like this. Great alternative to the usual baby clothes.

  7. Great clothes not heard of these before