23 February 2017

Why Your Flooring is the Main Foundation of your Design

Midland Polished Concrete create stunning concrete floors in businesses and homes and across the country. And they have decided to share some of their secrets for designing the best flooring that works in your home.

Arguably, flooring is one of the most important components in the interior design of a room and across the home. The style you choose lays the foundation for the rest of the design scheme, which is why it is so important to get it right.

There are eight guiding principles of interior design and here’s how concrete flooring fits into it:

#1 Plan for Real Life
Those glossy pictures of fabulous interiors look great, don’t they? But in your life – real life – will all the elements be practical? This isn’t just about colour but where you put things, the type of items you choose and so on.

And this is where concrete floors come in because its versatility is legendary. It ‘fits’ with any home, from a busy family home to a show home.

#2 Creates a Vision
What do what your interior design scheme to say about you, and the people who live in your home? Do you want it to be immediately cosy, warm and busy? Or do you want to emphasise the wide-open space?

A polished concrete floor will fit with any vision as it can take on many faces. Concrete can be treated and stained, as well as stamped with patterns, so that it looks nothing like concrete – but it can look

like slate or wooden floorboards, or be a vast expanse of diamond-flecked floor. You name it, a concrete floor can become it.

#3 Quality
There needs to be quality that ripples throughout an interior design scheme. Every piece, very detail needs to be the highest quality your budget will stretch to.

And that includes the flooring. It is often an expensive part of an interior design scheme but should not be compromised on. A polished concrete floor delivers quality, with more than a hint of practicality, and all within budget.

#4 Can Be a Contrasting Element
In order for an interior design scheme to work, there need to be a slew of elements that work together, promoting harmony and order within the scheme.

But there also need to be elements that contrast within it, to give it a sense of purpose and interest. There are various ways to do this and yes, you’ve guessed it – a polished concrete floor can be the contrasting element, the wow factor, the star of the show.

There are various ways to do this and yes, you’ve guessed it – a polished concrete floor can be the contrasting element, the wow factor, the star of the show.

#5 Layer Details
Have you noticed with some interior design schemes that when you look at them, there is something new to discover? A small detail here and there, perhaps, that you had not spotted before.

Layers of elements within a design as the clever pieces that add interesting, but not obvious detail. The patterns and the details that can be included within a concrete floor are simply amazing.

For example, have you considered adding a border to a room? Not on the walls or the ceiling, but using the floor edge, as it meets the wall to frame the space. It is a small detail, not immediately obvious but one that has a big impact on the space. Use dark colours to make it more obvious, or a lighter colour for a hidden, subconscious detail.

#6 Personalised
An interior design scheme can be designed by the best interior design in the world but, if there is no personality and character in it, it remains a show home, devoid of any warmth.

By putting a piece of you in your deign scheme, you add ‘colour’, warmth and personality. And this is why creating a custom polished concrete floor is fabulous.

#7 Balance
The balance of a room or space is achieved in many ways. Contrasting but not competing elements is one of them. Having focal points that draw the eye is another. This creates order on chaos that otherwise would swamp the room, and just look a jumble.

The floor can be the foundation of the interior design, around which the rest of the room is created. Why not start with the floor first and see what happens?

#8 Experiment and Edit
The truth is, there isn’t always a right and a wrong way of achieving the perfect space because what is right for you, won’t necessarily be right for someone else, even if their room is identical.

It may tick all the boxes on paper, but if your room doesn’t look or feel right, change it. Take things out, add things in – experiment and edit!

Midland Polished Concrete have created thousands of polished concrete floors for businesses and domestic customers across the UK.


  1. I think a floor to any room,could make or break,how the room looks/feels x

  2. Flooring is do important to set the grounding for the rest of the room
    Makes a massive diffence