20 February 2017

Why Glass Components Won’t Shatter Your Style

A material with almost magical qualities, the addition of glass in any building project is worth considering. But just what benefits will it bring?

The use of glass as a building material is increasing, and no wonder when you look at the long list of benefits. But there is usually one concern with glass – it’s perceived fragility.

There are various treatments and chemicals that can be used to toughen glass and make it incredibly strong. Along with various fixings and components such as minimal glass clamps, glass can be a fantastic and affordable addition to any building.

Let there be light (and lots of it!)
Light is important in any space and this is why glass is usually the chosen material for many interior design projects. Glass absorbs light, refracts it or transmits it. It can be translucent or transparent, either way it adds beauty to any building.

It also makes best use of natural light too. It uses 80% of natural daylight without yellowing, clouding or weathering, both around the exterior of a property (such as in window panes) as well as internal glass fixings such as glass shelving and glass partition or curtain walls.

Weather resistant material with minimal maintenance
Glass is favoured in the home, as much as it is outside simply because it is sturdy, standing strong in the face of adversity when other materials would have rotted or shattered.

Glass, as window of any kind or as glass balustrades will withstand the effects of harsh winds, rains and the heat of the sun, without its appearance being dulled or its integrity compromised. Likewise, extreme low temperatures rarely have an effect on tempered or toughened glass.

Resistant to rot and pests
There is no pest that can eat away at glass, rendering it unsafe or unstable. Likewise, it is a material that does not degrade as a result of the impact of environmental factors. Neither do chemicals have an effect of it.

In other words, it is an investment that lasts in the long term, and frankly looks fantastic throughout its life.

Healthier in the home
If you suffer from allergies or are asthmatic, you will understand the importance of having smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. This is not just flooring, but work surfaces too.

Glass has a smooth surface and to which dust does no stick or is attracted thus, it is a healthy option when it comes to a household material. Easily cleaned to a hygienic standard with minimal effort.

Resists electricity
Have you noticed how some materials seem to carry static or allow an electric current to pass? Glass is an excellent insulator against electricity and this is a handy quality to have in some circumstances.

Different colours
Think glass is all the same: either clear, with no colour or green-ish in tint?
When glass is layered, its natural chemical makeup means that it takes on a delightful green tinge which in any space, is a welcome addition.

It can be left as a clear pane of glass too, if that is what you would like. But advances in technology has meant that colours can be added to glass. In most cases, this is either my etching the surface, such as in the case of white opaque glass.

Or, the addition of coloured film, usually added with the use of heat is excellent for adding colour without comprising on the qualities of glass either as a strong, robust material or as one that reflect light around a space.

It is an ideal ‘showcasing’ material
In many properties, from commercial to domestic, there are focal points which are the stars of the show. And as such, everything that surrounds it needs to add to it and not detract from it or, worse still, steal its thunder.

Glass is fantastic as the star of the show or will also be a willing actor, and is the perfect choice for showcasing something within a room. This is why glass shelving is often used in display cabinets as it reflects light, showing the objects off to their best.

Glass is fully recyclable
Glass is a sustainable material and when no longer required, can be completely recycled. Better still, when it is recycled, it loses none of its qualities or its beauty.

And finally, the one word you have wanted to hear – glass is a cost-effective material, it adds a sense of luxury and decadence anywhere, without abusing the budget.

Balustrade Components provides a wide range of fittings and components essential for many additions to your home, especially when using glass.

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