8 February 2017

The First Things You Should Add to Your First Home

If you're an interior design lover, living in rented homes can impede your creativity somewhat. There are usually rules you need to follow regarding what you can and can't change in the property. Even if you have an easy going landlord, you often have to ask their permission before making any changes. When you buy your own home for the first time, you finally have the chance to decorate your home however you like. Don't like carpets or wallpaper? You no longer have to have them if you don't want to. You can do whatever you want with your new home. Here are some recommendations for what you should prioritise.

The Best Bed
If you were living in unfurnished accommodation before, you would have had the chance to get your own bed. However, in furnished properties, the bed and the mattress are included. This is convenient for when you have to move house, but not so appealing if you're looking for maximum comfort. The bed and the mattress aren't necessarily very comfortable, and nor do they look great. But when you own your home, you can the best bed for you. Of course, style is important, so you can choose a frame or base that suits your tastes. You're also able to select the best mattress for your needs, whether it's pocket sprung or made of memory foam.

Beautiful Curtains or Blinds
A lot of the fixtures and fittings in a rented home are out of your control. Curtains or blinds are often included, and your landlord may expect you to keep them as they are. When you're finally in your first proper home that belongs to you, you can choose based on your decor. In fact, you can make sure your curtains or blinds are entirely custom and made to suit you and your home. You can buy them made to measure, or if you're a crafty person, you can even buy curtain fabrics to make your own curtains. Sometimes it's the smaller touches that allow you to enjoy making your home what you want it to be.

White Goods
Most rented homes come with white goods included; that's items like a washing machine, oven, and refrigerator. While you might have been lusting after a fridge with WiFi connectivity, your landlord is hardly likely to get you one. With your own home, you can choose the appliances that match your needs. If you want a condensation tumble dryer, you can have one. Maybe you've always wanted a range cooker or your rented homes never had enough space in the freezer. Now you can find the perfect appliances for you and make sure you get ones that are going to last.

Paint and Wallpaper
You can rarely change the walls in a rented home, unless you have a landlord who trusts you to do it. That often means that you're stuck with boring neutral walls, or hideous colours and patterns. In your own home, you can do what you want, so if you don't like wallpaper, you don't have to have it. In fact, one of the first things you might do in your new home is to paint or wallpaper your walls. You might even want to do it before you get any of the furniture in. Think about how you want to have it long-term, so you're not tempted to redecorate in a few months.

Wall Hangings
Hanging anything on the wall could be another thing you're restricted from doing in a rented home. There might be some hooks or nails for you to use, but landlords often discourage tenants from putting in any new ones. If you love art or just enjoying putting up posters, it was probably hard for you not to put anything on your walls. Now that you own your home, you can put anything you like on the walls. Get some paintings, photos or posters to put up and brighten up any of your rooms.

Get New Floors
Your floors are something else you have very little control over in a rented home. They are often carpeted in almost every room, except perhaps the kitchen and bathroom. While some people like carpets, others would much rather not have them if they can avoid it. In your own home, you can have whatever type of floor you want. Whether you like wood, stone, tile, or even polished concrete, you get to choose what your floors look like. You can even put in underfloor heating. If you get rid of carpets, rugs will help to keep your feet warm too.

You can do what you like when you buy your home. Make your own choices without any restrictions from a landlord.


  1. I love this post x many thanks x

  2. I so can't wait to one day eventually own our own place so many things I'd love to have/do.