8 February 2017

Plan The Best Beach Holiday With Your Family

Sea, sun and cocktail
Everyone loves beach holidays, and how could they not? Sea, sun, and sand castle, it’s hard to find anything to complain about! Beach holidays can be a little difficult to organise if you are travelling with children. Not only if the skin of young children a lot more sensitive than adults, but they are not enthusiast swimmers either. Besides, children tend to get easily bored: You might love the idea of lying down in the sun for the next couple of hours, but little ones need more fun and entertainment for their holiday! So how do you plan the perfect beach holiday that can please everyone?

Lovely Holiday On A Budget
The primary concern for families is not even where the find the best holiday destination, but how to afford a family holiday. Indeed, family holidays can be expensive, especially if you are travelling with a few children: You will need to look for large accommodations and to care for catering throughout your vacation. That is quite a lot to plan for, and that doesn’t even include travel costs! As a rule of the thumb, it’s cost-friendlier for the family to prepare their holiday with a travel agency that can help them to pick the right package for their needs. You can find beach holiday packages that offer accommodation and even demi-pension. But there’s nothing stopping you from planning on your own and choosing to book a private property instead of a hotel room. This might require a more thorough research, but if you are happy to cook for your family and keep the place clean, you can find very decent holiday properties. 

Get Everything You Need
There’s something important about beach holidays: You may end up wearing only your bikini all day long, but you will still need to bring a bag full of clothes and other essential items. For British holidaymakers, a sunny beach holiday is generally synonymous with flying abroad - but you can still enjoy a fantastic time on the British south coast if you prefer the home beaches. So, this will mean that you need to pack everyone’s passports and if you haven’t done it yet, to make sure that the kids have a passport too. Another typical item for the beach holiday is the sunscreen. For children, you should be looking at a sun creams with the highest UV protection; an SPF - Sun Protection Factor- of 50 is ideal for young skin. Additionally, if you have a pale skin or get easily red in the sun, this will be the type of protection you need too. Remember to apply sunscreen regularly through the day, as once a day is rarely enough for young children! Finally, if you love holiday abroad, you might want to read about the ETIAS. This is a project by the EU Commission that is designed to provide online visa authorisation for tourists coming from countries outside of the EU. While there is no indication at the moment of how this will affect British holidaymakers after Brexit, it’s a space worth checking. 

Best Beach Spots
Finally, everyone has a favourite beach spot. When they say that the world is your oyster, what they mean, is that there are plenty of fantastic beaches around the world! From Brazil to the South of France, or even Italy, you will find amazing locations for your next summer vacation. Do check some less touristy areas such as Croatia or Albania, which are a paradise for luxury holidays at a bargain price!


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