3 February 2017

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Machine

As a mum of three, it's safe to say that I drink a lot of coffee, too much perhaps. Coffee at home can get boring though as it's usually just the instant stuff - no frothy cappuccino is sight. Truth be told, I have regularly taken a jaunt into town, just to visit coffee shops to get my fix. 

So when I was sent a Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio coffee machine it was perfect for making my very own barista style coffee at home. 

The Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio is an award winning single-serve coffee machine delivering up to 15 bars of professional pressure to make the perfect cup of coffee every time. Sensible Reviewer has voted the Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine as the best ‘hot drinks’ coffee machine on the market and I can see why. The machine combines the expertise and history of Nescafé coffee with De'Longhi's superior engineering and technical know-how. There are a whole range of Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines available to suit all budgets. 

Using this superb machine, you can prepare all of those speciality coffees in less than a minute with the use of a handy capsule. This innovative smart capsule system is specifically designed to ensure that each cup you make is fresh, and contains only the best ingredients. 

With  choice of over 30 different varieties of capsules, you're spoilt for choice. And it's not just nice and hot coffees they do in capsules as you can pick from hot chocolates, mocha's, teas and even cold drinks too!

The Genio has a Play & Select function which means you can choose exactly strong, or weak, you want your drink by simply scrolling the mouse wheel to choose the amount of water that will pass through the capsule. Or to make it easier, you can follow the recommended dosage on the pods.

What's more the coffee grinds stay in the pods so there is no mess and no fuss where cleaning comes in. The machine will need cleaning throughout every 3-4 months or so though to stop a build up of limescale.

So, let's get in to the best part - it's so easy to make your very own coffee - even the boys know how to use it (under my supervision of course as the water does get hot). You simply fill the back with water, pull up the silver lever, pop a capsule in the tray and then pull down the lever – you’ll hear the capsule being pierced. Scroll to choose the setting (either what the capsule says or your own preference) and then press the red button for hot drinks or blue button for cold drinks. 

And that's it, the coffee starts to flow into the cup leaving the most amazing aroma surrounding the whole room. Note - some of the drinks require 2 capsules, such as the cappuccino, latter and the chococino which adds the milky part to the mix.

What I like about this machine is that you choose exactly how much water goes in. I think this is great because all cups are different sizes and although my Nescafé cup is the perfect size for the recommended amount shown on the capsules, my other cups are bigger and require more water added to get a full cup.  

Plus, the coffee is absolutely amazing too. That sumptuous Nescafé flavour has been crafted into frothy, milky drinks and they are so strong, so hot and just so damn yummy. So far we've had the Americano, cappuccino, latte and chococino and cannot wait to try out the rest. I have my eye on the Caramel Latte Macchiato!


  1. Id love one of these machines I get pretty board of the same coffee and this ould help save if u buy coffee in places like Costa often.

  2. I love these machines xx will get one eventually x

  3. I'd love to own a coffee machine. This looks fab!

  4. great read!

    might have to get one of these machines

  5. I've been looking at these for my fiance for Christmas he lives on coffee, they are fantastic but the refills are quite pricey xxx