18 February 2017

How Baby-Proof Is Your Home?

When it comes to baby-proofing, I must admit that I am a bit paranoid. I have visions of my children hurting themselves and so I try to take every precaution necessary to make sure that it doesn't happen. But did you know that half a million children under the age of 4 are hurt in the home every year. 

Injuries can range from bumps, bruises and scrapes, to serious injuries requiring hospital stays. There are a small number of fatalities too because of accidents in the home and what makes it worse is the fact that most these accidents were preventable.

Squished up against the safety gate!
I think an awareness of how such accidents can occur is essential for any parent. A lot of accidents occur in the household during a child's infancy, and I think as a society, we need to make parents more aware of potential hazards.

I'm sure it's not just me that is surprised at which of the most mundane household objects cause injuries to children. But do you know what they are? Test your knowledge of how to baby and child-proof your home with this quiz by Rattan Direct

Of course we all know that cupboards housing cleaning chemicals should be either up high or have door clips to stop children from accessing them. But it's not always the main things you need to think about. 

I mean, do you know just how baby-proof your home is? Not from just home furniture but bath time, eating, and even drinking. It's all something that we need to think about when having children and it's shocking just how many accidents can be prevented with just a little common sense. 

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  1. It's a great idea to Baby proof the house,great quiz x