10 February 2017

For When You're Done Adulting

No matter how much we love our kids, there are always times when we just need a little bit of a break. It could be that going to the toilet in peace for 5 minutes is the amount of time that you need; maybe you need a little while longer. It’s not a bad thing to crave a solitary moment or even a getaway to reconnect with your partner. But what exactly can you do with kid-free time?

Get Them Covered
First thing’s first - before you start planning anything, make sure that you have the appropriate arrangements set in place. Childcare is an important issue, and very few of us can pack our bags and leave spur of the moment if we haven’t got somebody there to look after the little ones. Family members and friends will need plenty of notice to get themselves organised and ready; what comes as second nature to you with your children may not be as natural to them. Find out what dates they are available and then book to do whatever you have set - you don’t want to have something set in stone before realising that nobody is available to lend a hand. 

Keep Focused
The last thing you want if you are planning time away from kids is to go to a place that is overrun with them. There are places that will obviously have this feature (for example, if you take a trip out to Disneyland, what else would you expect?), but there are websites which can provide information about a plethora of adult only adventure holidays - they suss out the child-free places so you don’t have to. Focus on a getaway where you know children won’t be if that’s what you want; spas, retreats and fancy hotels rarely accommodate them. 

Get Crafty
Let’s be realistic here - the jobs that you can get done when you don’t have a little person tugging at your leg every five minutes can be astounding. Have you ever seen the “Don’t say you haven’t got the time, you’ve got the same amount of hours in the day as X” pictures that are doing the rounds on social media? Replace the X with a successful woman such as BeyoncĂ©, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and you’re well on your way to feeling pretty bad about yourself. But give yourself some child-free time and suddenly you’re superwoman - you can get anything and everything done. Repainting the house, spring cleaning, car washing, anything you can think to name can be done in no time. Is it bad to think that this is a break from the kids when pre-children you would’ve rolled your eyes at getting excited at the thought of doing such menial things? No, it’s not bad at all. You’ve got your practical head, and that’s the way to go if you don’t have the funds to do anything more exclusive and romantic. Things change when you’re a parent, and you either like it or deal with it!


  1. Great post. Time to yourself/with your partner is so important!


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