22 February 2017

Big Luxuries In Little Spaces

Moving into a new house is exciting, but usually with starter homes, they are built in on the small side. Generally, interior decorating in a home means purchasing some luxury items to make your home sparkle. For the kitchen, it’s the built-in appliances that make your day easier. For the living room, it’s the rugs and original oak bookcases. When you arrange your child’s bedroom, buying a mid-sleeper bed with drawers and a desk built underneath it means saving space in a small room.

With smaller spaces, you get to be creative and ideas like these can help there. Going room to room to make some exciting upgrades is always fun, but what can you include?

Kitchen: Your kitchen is the central room of the house and where the action happens. Cooking, cleaning and eating generally happen here and you need to make life easy. Why not install a warming drawer next to the oven so the family only ever eat from warm plates? How about a dishwasher? Most people don’t have them and if it’s going to make your life easier, then all the better.

Bedroom: The best room in the house if you’re a fan of sleeping! Soft, thick rugs next to the bed to sink your toes into. Install lighting that is low wattage and use solid wood furniture for a rustic look. Adding blackout blinds for an easier night’s sleep as well as having a king-size divan with storage drawers means you need less furniture in the actual room. Saving space while having a beautiful room is a package you could get along with.

Bathroom: Changing your bathroom into a wet room with a waterfall shower instead of a shower over the tub gives your home a touch of luxury that you may not have experienced before. Column radiators are great for smaller bathrooms; not only are they lovely to look at, they’re a real space saver for what is usually a tiny room.

Lounge: A good lounge has somewhere to sit and something to do. You could go big, with a large TV fixed to the wall, eliminating the need for a TV unit. Some prefer a corner sofa, meaning all the furniture to relax on is in one place. Others like a living room suite, where two armchairs accompany the couch. It’s very much dependent on the size of your living room but breathing life into a tighter space with art pieces on the walls is a way to go to brighten the entire room and fill some wall space without making it look over-crowded.

Garden: When adding luxury to your home, never forget outside. Curb appeal matters and the patio, porch and plants you have outside your home can give it a charm not found elsewhere. If you lay artificial lawn down, you can make a small outside space look absolutely beautiful instead of dull.

Small homes do not have to mean compromising on chic, classy furnishings. It’s all about researching what you can do to make your house look bigger with little effort.

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