What Do Women Really Want On Valentines Day?

When it comes to Valentines Day, it can be hard to work out what we really want. We are all different so when one woman says that they'd love a romantic meal and a trip to the cinemas, I'd say that I'd much prefer to have a bath on my own and as much chocolate that I could stuff in my face in one go. 

I mean, having a nice bath with no kids joining me, no rubber duckies attacking me and no splashing would just about make my day. Now if I had a glass of wine in hand and a few candles loitering around, that would be perfect to me. 

That's why Rattan Direct are trying to find out what women really do want on Valentines Day. If you want to get involved then please do fill out their survey here so that they an find out exactly what is most popular. 

Image courtesy of galzpaka at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Although some of the questions did surprise me. On the 'how much do you spend' question, I would say around £50 and couldn't believe that some would spend £500+. It's only Valentines Day, I wouldn't say it was that important that you would need to go that overboard on the amount spent. 

And I have to admit that I have forgotten about Valentines Day before. As someone that has been with their husband for 10+ years, Valentines isn't really that important to us anymore. If we remember then I might buy the husband a card and make him a nice dinner. 

All in all, I think that this could be quite a mixed bag. Some people adore these special days and splurge on them. Others, like myself, don't think it's necessary, especially when you've been in a relationship a long time. 

What do you think - Do you make a fuss on Valentines Day?


  1. It's so individual, isn't it? I think the main thing with any special occasion is to communicate with whoever you're celebrating with, and make it what you want, rather than what others are telling you it should be.

  2. I think even though I have been married 29 years that yes its a special day still, we dont spend a lot on each other maye just a card, and as my husband is no romantic at all we do tend to try and go out somewhere for the evening together even if its just to the local pub

  3. Its a personal choice -never been a big fan

  4. All I'd love is a llie in and a hot coffee lol xx