Storage Solutions To Help Declutter Your Home

A cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind. But what if you don’t want to get rid of all that extra stuff? Being creative with your storage methods can help you to conceal everything in your home and keep things neat and tidy, eliminating the need to upsize or part with your possessions. Here are few creative storage methods that you may be able to try out.

A sideboard for dining room clutter
If you’re fortunate enough to have a dining room, save the space in your kitchen taken up by tablecloths, glassware and crockery by investing in a storage device to keep all this dining paraphernalia. Cabinets and sideboards make for a great solution and can also be used as extra surfaces for ornaments, books, cereals or a personal cocktail bar.

A convertible coffee table
Glass coffee tables can look stylish, but why not turn this into an extra storage device for newspapers, DVDs, video games and other pieces of living room clutter? There are coffee tables with shelves underneath, whilst others open up like desks. Footstalls meanwhile can also double up as storage, if you prefer these to a coffee table.

Under bed storage
Put a stop to overflowing wardrobes and cosmetic clutter by buying a bed with storage underneath. Some beds have drawers, whilst others can be accessed by pushing up the mattress like a desk lid. Whilst most beds have space underneath, a bed with specialist storage underneath can keep the mess more concealed and also save you have to stretch under the bed each time. 

Vertical storage
Not every storage unit has to be rooted to the ground. Making use of the walls with overhead cabinets and shelves can help to add more storage to a small space. Shelving can even be turned into an extra piece of creative décor by shaping it, including tree shaped shelving and hexagonal boxes. You can also use pinboards as a creative way of collaging photos. High surfaces such as the tops of wardrobes can also be used to hide away certain belongings, ideally seldom used ones so that you don’t have to keep stretching up to reach them. In all cases be careful of overhead storage that could jut out and be a safety hazard.

A Kitchen rack for hanging utensils
Many of us can start to collect kitchen utensils overtime such as knives, sieves and spatulas that take up valuable space. Hanging these on neat little hooks, or putting up a rack for them can help to give them a home and free drawer and surface space. An ultra-minimalist approach to this is a simple magnetic strip for attaching steel items too. You can even use the sides of fridges and cabinets to hang items and get them out of the way by fitting hooks or shelves. I’ve even seen people with small kitchens hanging items from the ceiling, although to be honest that may be a step too far!

Self storage units
Lastly but not least, you can rent out a self storage unit, it's just like having a spare space but somewhere else, the great thing about having one, its safe and secure. You can organize the unit however you like and there's different unit sizes to fit any item you want to keep. If this option interests you, I recommend having a look at WhatStorage.co.uk, they have a bunch of self storage units in Yorkshire, which includes different prices. 

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