Rattan Direct | Rattan Plant Pot 3 Piece Set

When we started doing up our garden last year, I knew that I wanted to be able to plant some flowers throughout the months so that our garden would be bright and floral year in, year out. I am quite fussy though and didn't just want a whole host of different planters dotted around that didn't suit or match each other. 

So matching sets it was then. I came across the Rattan Plant Pot 3 Piece Set from Rattan Direct. Coming in a range of different colours, I chose the black set as I knew that those would look beautiful in the garden, filled with flowers. 

These plant pots have been design in-house at Rattan Direct so they are unique to them. And all of their ranges are maintenance-free and can be left in the elements all year round as they are made with a high quality resin-weave so they are UV-resistant and anti-fade too. 

The black rattan furniture and accessories, such as these plant pots, offers a contemporary look to the garden. In summer these will look wonderful with bright flowers pouring out of  the top, the perfect place for bees to start the pollination process. 

This set of 3 plant pots are a lot bigger than they look. In fact, the tallest one is 90cm high (medium is 55cm and small is 45cm) and they have handle holes on each plant pot so are easy to move around the garden. 

When I first saw them, I wondered about the amount of soil I would need to be using to fill just one of these pots, they are huge so I knew that it would take a lot. But they actually come with plastic pots inside them which is where you plant the flowers which means that there isn't loads of unnecessary soil waste underneath. 

To give me even more piece of mind, these rattan plant pots come with a 5 year structural warranty so I know that even if anything was to happen, they are protected, not that I'm worried at all as they are so sturdy and amazing quality that I can't imagine that there will be any problems. 

For now, with it being winter, we haven't planted any flowers in them, but as soon as they spring hits, I'll be donning my gardening gloves and getting planting. Now I just need to decide what flowers to choose and whether to have the same flowers in each plant pot. What flowers do you think would suit in this pots?


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  2. These look great! Sturdy and with plenty of space for roots if needed.