Planning A Birthday Trip To York

It's not often that we get some time alone, just my husband and I, so when my parents said they'd look after all three boys over night on my husbands birthday we decided that we will take this chance to go away for the night and spend some time together. 

After looking around and changing our mind a few times, we decided that York was the best place to visit. With so many historical places - such as York Cathedral - to see, places to eat, drink and shops to go crazy in, plus it's only half hour away on the train for if we need to get home quickly. 

I trawled hotel sites and found a few places to stay that I thought would be in the centre of town and give us a good radius for visiting places around the city. I then found the contact number of Booking.com and gave them a call to see what deals they could do for us, and what places they would advise. 

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
We eventually picked our hotel and that was it, we are ready to discover just what York has to offer for a couple. To start with, we wont even need to leave the hotel if we don't want to as we booked breakfast with them, they have a restaurant and also a swimming pool and gym. So we can just laze by the pool and have a chill out rather than doing anything. 

But we've decided that we'll try to get a bit of everything done so want to get out and explore. Luckily, our hotel has a river view so we can go for a walk along the River Ouse towards the centre for a bit of shopping and then stop for a bite to eat before checking out York's nightlife. Well, I say nightlife but we're going on a Tuesday so I don't know how busy it will be that day.

What ever we end up doing for the night, I can imagine that it will involve a lot of sleeping before we go home. I mean, we have three kids so it's not often that we get those extra z's!


  1. The hotel sounds lovely. York is brilliant, I hope you have a great time!

  2. Sounds lovely. I would love to visit York.

  3. I Would love to visit york. Maybe i'll book a trip for valentine's day! Thanks for the read

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