Naturtint Hair Colourants & Aftercare

As a busy mum, I don't often have hours spare to go to a salon and have my hair coloured, lightened and treated, so I opt for home colouring and pick out a colour to suit me. I do actually prefer it this way as I can usually put the colour on and then do some writing before it's time to wash it off, saving me time and money. 

I do wonder sometimes though, just what this can do to my hair. I mean, having those chemicals on my scalp every 6-8 weeks can't be all that great I shouldn't imagine. And so when I was asked to give Naturtint - a pioneering new hair colourant formula which is now ‘naturally better’ and enriched with even more natural ingredients, I said yes immediately. 

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colourant is free of two key chemicals - ammonia and resorcinol, the ones that can be damaging. They are also free from Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oils whilst also being enriched with ingredients of natural origin to provide optimum colour and care for healthy hair.

There are 32 permanent colours in the range and, this is a new one on me, all colours can be mixed to create an endless spectrum of colours. All shades offer 100% grey coverage and can lighten hair by up to two shades.

After checking out their shades and comparing it to the colour that I usually like me hair to be, I picked out 9N Honey Blonde as being the best one for me. I like to have a nice blonde colour, but not too light blonde. 

I opened up the box and all of the instructions were quite easy to follow. Mix the 2 bases together and give a good shake before putting it through the roots, and then the rest of my hair. Simple. I usually use 2 boxes of colourant due to the length of my hair but only needed to use one this time round which means that I've got a spare box for the next time I need to colour. 

Covering my hair is all of the product, I left it for half hour as it said in the instructions. During this time I noticed that it didn't smell bad, like others do, which is always a plus of course. I rinsed off the colourant and used the shampoo and conditioner and then the anti-ageing cc cream which you don't wash off afterwards.

A simple blow dry of my hair revealed the results of my new colour. A beautiful and bright blonde which had left my hair feeling soft and looking shiny. And to keep my hair looking and feeling great for longer, I was also sent a bottle of Naturtint Colour Fixing Protective Conditioner for future uses. 

With an enhanced formula, the Naturtint Colour Fixing Protective Conditioner is now my go-to product. A highly concentrated frequent-use conditioning treatment for coloured, dry and damaged hair.

Formulated with natural and organic plant and seed oils and extracts, Naturtint's Colour Fixing Protective Conditioner gives natural strength to your hair. Containing Organic Shea Butter which moisturises,  Moisturises, Lavender Floral Water - for calming the scalp, Rock Rose and Lemon Fruit Waters which strengthen, tone and protect your hair and Sunflower Floral Water which is an antioxidant and anti-ageing, naturally seals split ends and locking in colour.

Overall, my hair has felt, and looked much better. The conditioner has made my hair feel super soft, even at the ends where it used to feel damaged. The colour is also looking great, even after a few washes, it is staying strong and has given me a great coverage. 


  1. sounds great, i need something to cover my greys

  2. This looks fabulous thank you

  3. I think home colouring is underrated; it can give great results. I didn't know that this brand was SLS-free, that's awesome, my hair hates that stuff. I'll definitely check this out. Thanks for the review!

  4. my wife needs it shes greeeeeeys :)


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