Kooky, Spooky Trips Around The UK!

Going away somewhere for a break is one of those things that makes life a little easier. If at all possible, it is something you should do more than once a year. If all you have each year is one holiday, you spend the rest of the year either waiting for it or getting used to the fact that the next one's forever away. Just getting out for a change of scene is something we all appreciate.

It's always pleasant to get away for a family holiday - when you spend a lot of the year working the chance to spend time with each other is welcome. With that said, there are some sights to see that may not be appropriate for the younger members of the party. It would be a shame to miss them completely though. 

So, whether you leave them in the care of an older child, or travel with a babysitter, here are some UK sites you should see, but your kids shouldn't.

Whitby: Bloodsucking Fun For Some Of The Family

The Yorkshire town of Whitby is a place all the family can appreciate. Set in beautiful coastal scenery, it is full of interesting shops and charming cafes anyone can enjoy. The beach, in the summer time, is well worth exploring too. Overall, the town is one of the best places for holidaying in the UK. But it's best to leave the kids behind when seeing the things Whitby is most famous for.

It was here that the Irish writer Bram Stoker wrote and set the classic vampire novel Dracula. Part of any trip here will be the chance to take one of the many Dracula Walks which take in the locations Stoker wrote about. Nightmare fuel for the little ones, but fascinating for those who are old enough.

London: Step Back In Time For A Spine-Chilling Experience

They say time is a great healer. Perhaps this is why we rightly look on present-day serial killers as evil and sickening but on Jack the Ripper as something different. No doubt, his crimes were repulsive. But as a Jack the Ripper Tour will show you, sometimes what is creepy can also be entertaining.

Mostly set around the Whitechapel area, these tours are dramatic and informative all at once. If you've ever felt like London is a dangerous place today, you'll think yourself lucky you weren't there then.

Oxford: The Dreaming Spires Become A Nightmare

Oxford is known not just throughout the UK, but the world, as a seat of learning for the best and brightest. During the day there is plenty to do and see, including the majestic Oxford Castle.

At night, however, the Castle turns into something different altogether. Beautiful during the day, as night falls it takes on an eerie quality that isn't for kids. Indeed, members of staff are often reluctant to walk around the castle alone. Fortunately, the Ghost Walks are guided - so you'll be in good company when you're looking for the doors!

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