Hurty At Thirty: Things To Think About As You Get On In Years

I’ve been thinking recently about all that “getting older” stuff. Now, I’m not the sort of person that thinks about mortality and all that, but as the boys are now getting older (Thomas is going to be 10 in two years! Where has the time gone?!) it made me think about what I want to leave for them, what advice, and what sort of things can I do to provide for them better. And it made me think about how I felt when I turned 30. I was mortified! Many of my friends have tried to stay 29 forever, and it hasn’t worked for me! So I thought about what turning 30 means for most women, whether you’re a mum or a career gal! And it seems to me to be the following:

Look After Yourself!
The new year has come with everyone and their weight loss resolutions, and it is a worrying thing to think about. As you get older, it’s a fact of life that things start to sag, and you are just not able to get over your hangovers as quick as you used to. So you need to look after yourself more! And not just by doing the normal things, by eating well and exercising (I think after running after the boys I’m getting most of my cardio in already!), but by those “official” measures, like life insurance. Imagine if you weren’t around tomorrow, you’d want something to make sure that your kids are looked after financially, and it’s more about peace of mind than anything else. There are websites like www.insurancehero.org.uk/ where you can find policies to suit you. But it’s not just about looking after your own wellbeing, you need to be sure that you can look after your kids despite of what will happen. And as we get older, we need to make sure that we’re getting more health check-ups. As we get older, we need to get regular breast exams and check our cholesterol. 

Look After Your Finances
Your pension is your savings account for when you retire, that’s how I look at it! And there are many people I know that aren’t putting enough in their pension pot. You see on the news all the time about OAP’s having to use their allowance to pay the gas bill in winter, and then not having enough to live off. It’s terrible. But you can do something about it now, by planning your pension, and putting money aside. When you retire, you’ll want to go and enjoy yourself!

Live, Laugh, Love!
I learnt after turning 30 to not take life so seriously. In our 20’s we are all really serious and overthink every single aspect of our lives, and this isn’t any good for us. Stress is a lot more talked about now than 20 years ago, and there’s this pressure we place on our kids to do well, but we don’t encourage them to laugh or to play more. They want to stay indoors sat on their iPads. So I keep saying to them, live your life! After all, you’ve only got one!

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