How To Display Your Favourite Photos Around The House

As a parent, I take way too many photos. I mean, there's not a day goes by that I haven't got my phone out and pointing towards one of my children. To be quite honest, that was the whole reason I started my blog - to have somewhere to store and show off all their photos. Somewhere that the kids can access one day and see everything that we have done together, all of their memories in one place. 

I try to capture every moment, not just the main ones. So, along with newborn photos, their birthdays and their firsts, I have a plethora of group shots of them all together (with at least 2 of them smiling each time!), funny poses, sweet moments and way too many holiday snaps.

Apart from my blog, finding places to display these around the home can get hard work. It's like trying to decide which of the photos are the best and then swapping and changing them around regularly so we can admire different moments from the past. 

Recent research by Printerpix has shown that our most treasured photos show the following:
A new baby (23%)
Group family shot (16%)
Wedding day (14%)
Pets (13%)
Favourite holiday (8%)

And not surprisingly, birthday photos (7%) , engagements (1%) and a child's first day at school (1%) came at the bottom of the list. I must admit that I don't often have birthday photos around the home or their first days of school for that matter. Although we do have one of their group school photos on canvas which actually has all 3 of hem smiling for a change. 

For us, it's all about the group family shots. Not even us adults, but just the kids. We have many around as I love to show off their beautiful faces. So we have 2 canvases in the living room, photos in each bedroom, and each child has their own newborn photo in their bedrooms. 

Our wedding photos are dotted around too. All up the hallway, they are framed with pride - even the one where my father is doing 'bunny ears' behind my head!

It's not just framed and canvas photos though. I do like to mix it up a little and it's a great way to fit in all of those family photos that you don;t want to get lost into the photo album. Our calendar has a new photo for each month, even some of our cups have photos on them. 

The boys also have their very own teddy bears which have a photo of them as newborns on them. I thought that this would be great as a collective item, something they can keep until their older. 

I think it's great that I can step into any room in our house and see a photo that will bring old memories flooding back. 

How do you display your favourite photos around your house?

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  1. Those are lovely, and thanks for the ideas! I'm terrible for just tacking ordinary prints to the wall on the assumption that I can always order more copies (I think most are stored online somewhere). I should put more thought into it, really.