Guide for a Good Night's Sleep

When you’re a Mum, there is nothing that congratulates you more after a tiring day than a good night’s sleep. Whereas sometimes it feels like you could lie down on a bed of a nails just to get some shut-eye, most of the time it is harder to try and rest your head due to the lack of routine that comes with having kids. Whilst it may seem that the children are in some sort of order with mealtimes and bedtimes, Mums are suffering from insomnia more than ever, for a wealth of different reasons. 

One of the main contributors to not getting a great night’s sleep is the introduction of technology into the bedroom - and not in a good way. Whereas a scroll through your emails or social media may feel like a wind-down to you, your brain is staying alert to help you process the bright screen and the information that it’s being presented with. Essentially, you are keeping yourself awake for longer. Try leaving your phone downstairs or on the other side of the room when you go to sleep - the further away it is from you, the less likely you are to reach for it. For many it has become a force of habit to check the time on their phones whenever they stir in the night, but consider purchasing a good old-fashioned alarm clock to rely on rather than lighting up the room with your phone. Even trying it for just one night could show you how different your sleep could be.

According to recent research, millions of people in the UK are sleeping on a mattress which is older than the recommended eight years. What you sleep on and the supportiveness of it can play a massive factor in how well your body is relaxing at night. The guide for a good night’s sleep is seven to nine hours, and while some nights you may achieve this, your body could be giving you signs that you haven’t quite had the restful sleep that you thought you had. Aches, pains and even a runny nose can be indicators towards your mattress not being up to scratch. Nowadays, choosing a new mattress which is suitable is easier than ever online. While there are traditional spring mattresses to choose from, you could consider looking at different options such as those on the John Ryan by Design latex mattress guide and a myriad of different other styles and designs to consider to help achieve your goal. 

With a new mattress comes a new duvet and pillowcases. Most stores that sell mattresses will also try and sell you the duvet and pillows as part of a deal, but make sure that you are getting the right one for the season or the temperature of your room. The filling of the duvet can be the difference between you getting a replenishing rest or tossing and turning; whilst eiderdown duvets are the ultimate luxury, a general feather-filled and down duvet could be the best and most natural thing to encase you while you slumber as it provides a natural breathability while simultaneously keeping you at the perfect temperature. Likewise, the thickness of the duvet can also be instrumental in sending you off to the land of nod; go thinner for the summer and thicker for the winter. Couple it up with new pillows and you’re good to go - but remember that if you choose slim pillows, you can build them up to your desired height and if you go straight in for bulky pillows you are stuck with that height unless you wish to make them bigger. How tall your pillows are at night is a contributor to how well you sleep, and is not something to be dismissed if you’re taking steps towards rethinking your bed space. 

Finally, if you are a light sleeper, make sure that outside light is muted as much as it possibly can be. Curtains can be a good way to brighten up a bedroom, but unless they are proper blackout curtains, they’re probably not doing the job that they were initially designed for. If you like the curtains that you have already got up and don’t wish to change, then roller blinds can be an option; fit them into the window space to block out as much light from the outside as you can. But be warned - it may make waking up the next day quite a lot harder as your brain will still think that it is night-time! A small price to pay for a beautiful night’s sleep.


  1. Very motivating article with some tips that are new to me, thank you! I really do need to get round to replacing some of my bedding, it's a job that's all too easy to put off, but totally worth getting round to.

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