Getting Our Groove On with Electric Jukebox

I love listening to music and it's often that I'll have the music channels on, or will be listening to the radio whilst cleaning, cooking, or doing anything to be honest. What annoys me though is that you can't pick your favourite music. There's quite often times where I'll flick between stations to find a song, or they have ad breaks which are just plain annoying.

So when I had the chance to review the Electric Jukebox, I jumped at the chance as it means that I can listen to my very own favourite tracks with no breaks and only the songs I want to have on it playing.

The Electric Jukebox Company was established by Rob Lewis, when he found music streaming services alienated many consumers by forcing them to commit to credit card subscriptions and to endure needlessly complicated apps for computers and smartphones.

Believing in simplicity over complexity, Electric Jukebox are dedicated to creating plug and play music products that are super easy to use - which is where the Electric Jukebox comes in. The Electric Jukebox turns your TV into a jukebox with millions of songs to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. It has all your favourite music; with instant access to all the best albums, songs, charts and celebrity mixtapes – all without a monthly subscription.

Backed by Robbie Williams, Stephen Fry, Alesha Dixon and Sheryl Crow with them all having their own mixtapes options to listen to so you can see what the celebrities like to jam to. 

The Electric Jukebox features a catalogue of over 29 million songs and millions of albums licensed by all the major labels including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, amongst others.

And it's so simple to as it just works straight out of the box; simply plug in to your TV HDMI port, connect to WiFi and play. Inside the box it includes the streaming device, a dedicated wireless controller and a full 1-year Premium Music Pass.

The controller comes charged and connected so just pick it up and you can start playing the music you love as it is gesture based - you just point at the screen and choose what you’d like to play. And if you can't find what you're looking for then simply click the microphone button and you can tell Electric Jukebox exactly what you want to listen to. 

A big plus for me is that it has an explicit lyrics filter to protect your children from listening to inappropriate songs. And there are no downloads or hidden in app extras that kids could accidentally download.

I think it is truly quite amazing. I have made my very own mixtape and have all my favourite songs there so I can listen to them with a simple click of the button. The only thing that I would ask for if possible was for a 'randomise' option as it would be great to not have to listen to songs in the same order all of the time. Especially when I have like 200 songs in my favourites list, 

The Electric Jukebox comes in at £169 which includes the streaming device, controller and one years subsciption to all of their music. Want to know more? - then check out the Electric Jukebox website.


  1. That sounds really cool! Thanks for the explanation and review, I'll look into it :).

  2. Love the look of this x

  3. Sounds great, I do like that it's child friendly and they can't accidentally download/order things (like Amazon Alexa!)

  4. Ooh this would be perfect for our home, we all love singing, especially our five year old daughter, she is always singing and dancing xXx