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As a parent, the one things I have regretted thus far, is not having been able to take my children abroad. Okay, T did go to Menorca when he was a baby, but since then, since having 2 more children, we just haven't managed to great out of the UK.

There are many reasons for this - money, choice and security. It's not an easy decision when there are so many variants to choose from. Just finding a hotel that is family friendly and in a great location for children can be a task and a half.

This year, we have finally saved up enough money to be able to go on our dream holiday, so that's one point down, just the other 2 to go, finding the perfect place to go from all of the countries of the world, and then picking somewhere that is perfect, and safe, for young ones. 

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Luckily for us though, we found Tots to Travel who are a family holiday specialists that safeguard your family holiday through handpicking the best family friendly villas and cottages around the world to craft the perfect family holiday.

After reading up and checking out many different places, we decided that the Canary Islands are the perfect place for us. The Canary Islands are 100% part of Europe which means that they have first rate medical care but also boast great weather and amazing beaches as well as plenty of family friendly activities too, so there will be no getting bored on a holiday there. 

I liked the fact that when I looked around the Tots to Travel website, it focused on how the accommodation works for the children. Safety aspects and proximity to places that the children will like. 

Not just that, but Tots to Travel have visited every villa and every cottage that they have on their site, to make sure that they have all the safety features that are required when children will be staying. They make sure they are clean, are exactly how they are shown to be in the photos, and that there is nothing nearby that would ruin your holiday.

They comprehensively inspect every villa and cottage to ensure children's safety (think pools, low windows, gaps in balcony railings etc) & have a guaranteed (& extensive) Child & Baby Kit enabling us customers are able to travel light.

I searched their site and found that not only could we book a villa in the exact location we had been looking at - Costa Adeje in Tenerife - but it also comes with an exciting combination of a great playground, play room, an abundance of toys and 3 heated pools. Even the private pools in the 3 bedroomed villas are gated to stop wayward children accessing them. 

This means that overall, we can stay in a place that has already been vetted for us, so is safe and has everything we will need and more. No having to trawl the net for reviews as it's all listed for us, ready for us to pick the perfect place for us!


  1. I've never been to the Canary Islands. Anywhere warm and sunny would be great right now.

  2. Anonymous22:40

    Have a nice family holiday. Accurate information is important, especially when travelling with children. Health and Safety being very important issues.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I've never heard of tots to travel before, thank you for this post :D

  4. Tenerife is great for family holidays, just long enough on plane for kids too...

  5. Wow great idea will pass thggis on Thanks

  6. Tots to Travel sounds wonderful. I have never heard of them before...

  7. Tots to travel sounds great