Contemplating a Conservatory? Here's How to Make the Most of It

Conservatories and orangeries are excellent additions to any home. If you have the space for an extension, building a conservatory is one of the best ways you can use it. During the summer, you can use it as a space between the inside and outside. In colder weather, you can still keep it warm and enjoy your garden without having to go outside. If you decide you want a conservatory or orangery, you need to think a bit about the design of it. One particular style might come to mind, but perhaps the traditional conservatory look isn't for you. You can consider some different aspects to design a conservatory you love.

Look for Modern Designs
When you think of conservatories, it's likely that the traditional style you can see everywhere is what you think of first. You might see it in your grandparents' conservatory or in newer buildings. But when you're adding onto your home, you don't have to be limited by convention. There's much more you can do if you want to use your imagination. Look for modern designs that come in different shapes and sizes. Some might use glass more than others, with solid walls featuring more in those that limit the use of glass. Think about how your conservatory will add to your home.

Maximise the Light
A good conservatory is all about enjoying the sunshine and the outdoors, even if it's too cold or wet to get outside. You should try to maximise the natural light your conservatory gets, so it heats up and stays nice and sunny. One thing to consider is the roof. If you look at the lantern roofs at the Bi Fold Shop, you can see how it's possible to maximise your view of the sky and the light that comes in. The roof style has no supporting bars, improving the view that you get. Of course, it won't be sunny all the time, so ensuring you have good artificial light is essential too.

Design for Use All Year
Sitting in the conservatory when it's warm outside is fun, but you don't want to have to avoid it for the rest of the year. It's best if you can use it anytime you want, so installing some heating is a good idea. Even when it's freezing outside, you'll be able to sit in your conservatory and look out into the garden. You might want to include a fireplace that you can light in the winter.

Open It Out
Your conservatory already blurs the line between inside and out. But you can do it further by opening up one side of the structure. Instead of just having a single door that opens into your garden, you can have one side of the conservatory that slides away. It could be the side or even the front, so you can open it up and create an outdoor living space.

You don't have to choose the same old conventions when you build your conservatory. Design it to your taste so you can enjoy it more.

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