50 Shades Of Grey At Home: Embrace The New Décor Trend

If you are lucky enough to start the year with a little extra budget or if you are looking for ways to invest your money, you may want to consider a change of décor for a modern home interior that is at the top of trends and sophisticated style. Indeed, changing your interior décor is something that you will need to do regularly as this keeps your house looking and feeling fresh and exciting, even after many years living in it! A change of feeling in the house doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away and start fresh. You can add some clever decorative touches to change the ambience in a room and create a dynamic energy in an old house. This year’s trend is set on grey, so here are some the best ways of introducing this neutral shade into your home. 

Grey Is The Latest Trend In Décor
Grey’s amazing versatility is very popular this year and makes it the colour scheme to channel both edgy modern flats and charming old country houses to perfection. Its happy marriage of soothing and energetic shades adds a new dimension to neutral décors, which is something that magnolia paint has never managed to do! Unlike other neutral colours, grey can complement a bright arrangement and give it a new touch of maturity, especially if you like playing with ombré schemes which receive a calming dimension when grey is added. The latest grey room décor tips are varied and can inspire you to find different ways of adding grey into your interior: Whether by painting walls, or simply by choosing picture frames or cushions in shades of grey. The choice is yours: There is no need to go monochrome when you decide to embrace this year’s trend. 

Combine Décor And Home Improvement
If you are planning home improvement projects for the year to come, you may want to research the possibility to add a trendy edge to your renovation work. For example, if you are looking for option to change your windows, you might want to consider the addition of grey upvc windows which bring a subtle and elegant shade in the room. Additionally, you will find a lot of home essentials in various shades of grey, especially around the kitchen area where stainless steel is a common scheme for kitchen appliances. While there may not be many options for a grey shower or bath, you will be able to find bathroom sinks in shades of grey, or simply pick elegant grey tiles for the wall. Beds too are coming in grey now, so that you won’t have any difficulty to follow the trend!

How To Get Started
Getting started is the most difficult part as you will need to be done with your research. Thankfully, if you are working with an expert for a home improvement project, you can discuss various options with them. If you are choosing a DIY approach for smaller housework projects, you can look for DIY tutorials to easily bring grey into your interior décor: From how to get your new wallpaper on to how to choose the best paint roller for your wall, you will find a lot of support through DIY specialists online and in shops to help you to get things done the proper grey way!


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