Vileda Windomatic Window Vacuum Cleaner

Recently I was asked if I would like to try out one of Vileda's newest products, the Vileda Windomatic and I must admit that I jumped at the chance as I love anything that helps me get the tedious chores done more quicker. 

Having young children and big windows doesn't mix at all. We usually end up with finger marks and even faces squished up against the glass when they're peeking outside. Don't even get me started on the patio doors!

When I opened the box up I was pleasantly surprised. It was a nice sized product, not too heavy or bulky, and the handle position was really comfortable. It says that it needs a full 6 hour charge of the battery before starting and so I put it straight on to charge. Once charged the light indicator will change colour to let you know that it's ready to go.

Once ready, I gave the window a quick wipe down with warm soapy water to get to grime and muck off and then off I went with the Vileda Windomatic. To my amazement, it sucked up all the water and residue without a fuss, leaving my windows gleaming. 

Designed to help get the water off your windows in a streak and mess free way, the Vileda Windomatic actually works on all smooth surfaces such as mirrors and tiles. It draws all the liquid up into the small container, which is easy to empty and you can use it horizontally or vertically to get into all of those fiddly spaces. The head is jointed and allows for tighter angles in smaller spaces.

I have so far cleaned all of the insides of each window and patio doors as well as the outsides of the downstairs ones (there's no way that I'm climbing any ladders!), all the mirrors in the house and have even blitzed the tiles in the bathroom too. 

It is amazing, if not quite grotesque, the amount of muck it brings off the surfaces. I mean, after cleaning around the tank was full of gunk. It was disgusting, the sheer amount it brought off but my windows were squeaky clean so that was great.

I give it a 5 out of 5 as I love how it saves me so much time from cleaning windows now. No more scrubbing, no more effort, just a simple swipe with the Vileda Windomatic and away I go. And at only £49.99, it's effective and best in class against other popular window vacs.


  1. Ive got one of these and their great x

  2. Anonymous01:50

    First I have come across this product. Sounds great.


  3. This looks like a great idea!

  4. I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while so thanks for a great review.

  5. I really need one of these, also need those magnetic ones to do the outside too (2nd floor flat and no window cleaners round here, my windows outside are a mess!)

  6. This sounds really nice, I really dislike cleaning windows, who doesn't? This makes it look less tedious :)

  7. These look fantastic. Definitely make job easier to do

  8. That sounds brilliant! Great to know it does such a thorough job.

  9. This looks very handy, especially when our local window cleaner charges £22 a time, I really need to invest in one of these xXx

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