One Magical City | TriBeCa Pizzeria, Liverpool

After our long day enjoying ourselves in Liverpool, we were ready for a feast and so off we ventured to TriBeCa for a family meal. TriBeCa is a New York inspired bar and pizzeria that offers a selection of unique handmade pizzas that cater for every taste. 

This was a place that we couldn't wait to visit as all of the boys love pizzas - even T, the fussiest of all. Located about a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street, TriBeCa is just off the way from the hustle and bustle of the centre and so has a much more relaxed atmosphere. 

The drinks menu is probably one of the main draws for people to visit this place. So many to choose from. There is a huge array of different things on offer, especially spirits. The list is enormous. As is the pizza menu. From regular classics such as Margarita, there are also delightful tempts such as Napoli Salami & Gorgonzola and Gamberetti.

To start, we ordered the Pesto Crostini and also a garlic bread with cheese. As we knew that the kids wouldn't want to stay in one place for too long, we asked if the starters could be served at the same time as the mains. This was no problem at all and so we picked out our 2 pizzas of choice too. 

A Margarita for the boys and a Pesto Chicken for the adults with large Cokes to wash it all down. The food was divine, and I mean really scrumptious.I couldn't believe how flavoursome the humble pizza could actually be. 

They also have a kids menu which is the choice of a few items in smaller portions. We decided to just order one large pizza for the boys as it worked out cheaper since they both wanted the same thing. 

After diving into all of this pizza goodness, there was no room left for dessert and so we drank up and off we went. 

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of choice there was available on the menu. Even the choice of salads were extensive. And I know it's not really an American custom, but I still think it would benefit from some sort of side dish, be it fries, wedges or something similar. 

Our TriBeCa family meal is part 3 of our One Magical City series. Click here to read part 1 - celebrating Christmas in Liverpool and check out here for part 2 - the DreamWorks Lantern Experience. 


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