It's Now Or Never: Get Into The Christmas Spirit

The countdown has already started, and every single shop is playing Christmas carols - to be fair to them, most shops had started months ago with the carols, but you would have surely noticed. Yet sometimes looking at the calendar is not enough to feel excited about Christmas and get into the festive spirit. 

But don’t despair: You are not on your own here. Many individuals are too stressed to probably give in to the Christmas spirit. Who can blame you? There’s still a lot of shopping, racing against time, and last-minute work projects to do before you can sit down enjoy your traditional sprouts and bread sauce. Here are a few tips though to help you get into the spirit before it’s too late. After all, it would be a real pity if you couldn’t enjoy Christmas!

#1 Visit The Christmas market

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There are plenty of Christmas fayres and markets throughout the UK, some staying for a few weeks and others only for a weekend. This may sound like a waste of time, but walking through the stands, enveloped in the smell of mulled wine and warm crêpes, definitely helps your mind relax and appreciate the festivities of the season. 

Sometimes, all you need, is a little reminder of what Christmas is all about, so take the kids and go for a walk at your local Christmas market. Take your time, indulge yourself: Why not buy a scented candle or a hot chocolate? Just let the images of the past Christmas holidays come back to you and reconnect with the child within. Why not pay a visit to Santa? He’s bound to be in one of the stands, and he’ll know how to make you feel more Christmassy!

#2 Get The Christmas Decorations Out

Christmas Tree found on Pixabay

It’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit if nothing in your house reminds you about it. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get the tree out and to give it the best space in the living room. Get your tree decoration at the ready too, and make sure to discard everything that is old and damaged. There’s no need keeping the broken balls and the wingless angel anymore. You can still find very creative and festive alternative in shops, such as Gisela Graham Christmas decorations for example, or you can even make your own with the kids. This could be a fun way of spending time together and thinking about what Christmas means to you! 

#3 A Christmas Caress For Your Sweet Tooth
After all, who says that you have to wait until Christmas day to have a slice of Christmas pudding? If you haven’t baked two, you can just pop to your local shop or Christmas market, and pick the best looking dessert you’ll find. Everyone needs a little help to remember why they love Christmas, and sometimes it can trigger sweet memories. If you are not a fan of the Christmas pudding, there are still plenty of possibilities around, such as baking delicious gingerbread men with the kids or giving in to the luxurious call of a chocolate yule log. 

Yummy looking yule log by Aaron Jacobs


  1. I love visiting the Christmas markets. YOu can always find interesting homemade gifts including great food. (Which is great to reduce time needed for baking!)

  2. This year we went to Berlin end Nov their Xmas markets were amazing , Def have the Xmas spirit

  3. Christmas markets always put me in the Christmas spirit x

  4. Thanks some ideas there, I've been so busy this year, I've found it hard to get into the Christmas mood. Wishing you a lovely Christmas.

  5. I'm still now quite in the christmas spirit will be once i start shopping though

  6. I'm not feeling it yet partly because we've only managed to put up a few decorations - we haven't made it into the loft yet!

  7. It never feels like Christmas until the decorations are up!

  8. The Christmas markets are fab. They make me even more excited for the big day x

  9. I love Christmas markets, just not seemed to have had the time this year! Maybe between Christmas and New Year we will get into Edinburgh

  10. Christmas markets have a wonderful atmosphere and always get me in the festive spirit