Educational Christmas Gifts for Children

When looking for Christmas gifts for children, I always like to add an educational aspect to them. Yeah, there are so many fun toys and gifts for children, but if they give an helping hand in teaching and helping children learn new things, then I'm all for it. 

So today I am showing off what is on the market in my Educational Christmas Gifts for Children feature...

Discovery Kids Metal Detector | Trends UK | £19.99
Featuring a sensitivity and volume control, the detector emits a beeping sound when close to metal, and the flashing indicator lights speed up and change colour. This product is a STEM product that is great for getting children out and about, exploring their environment.

The BFG Spelling Games | Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity | £7
A splendiferous range of fun letter games, from creating crosswords to quick-fire spelling races. All of the games are a great way for children in Key Stages 1 and 2 to develop their spelling. And you are giving to charity when you purchase this item.

Horrible Histories Classic Pack | Scholastic | £29.99
The classic bestsellers. No more nice-guy nonsense about history. It’s time to learn it the horrible way. With the horrible bits left in, it's historically funny! Laughs, disasters and disgusting jokes from the reigning kings. And if you do choose to buy this set (or any other books) through Scholastic, you'll be able to benefit your child's school/nursery with 20% in free books donated to your school from Scholastic.

Fright Factory Creature Creator Station | Trends UK | £29.99
The Fright Factory Creature Creator is the ghoulish way to make your own disgusting creatures. Pour the EwwGoo into a mould, place in the chamber, and turn the crank - you'll have your very own 3D creatures in just 3 minutes. Mix the gels together to create, multi-coloured beasties, bats and skeletons. A great way to teach children how things can be mixed to create new objects.

Peppa Pig Alphaphonics Campervan | Trends UK | £19.99
The Alphaphonics Campervan features all sorts of great games to help with learning letters and words. Move the slider across the top to select from eight spelling games - find the missing letter, choose the word that begins with a letter, or repeat what Peppa says, there are a variety of fun ways to learn. With easy-to-press light-up keys and melodies, the Alphaphonics Campervan is sure to excite and inspire little ones to learn.

Crazy Claw | Drumond Park | £22.99
Take turns to be the Clawmaster and make a grab for the ball you need. Make sure to keep a steady hand though as the other players will be frantically bashing away on the paddles to put you off your grasp. There are toy tokens hidden inside those balls; match the three on your card and you've nailed it! Crazy Claw pitches concentration and persistence against out-and-out mayhem - a playroom-friendly twist on an old arcade favourite.

pBuzz | pBuzz | £19.99
Give the gift of music with pBuzz - help a young musician to discover the joy of music in seconds, learn to play in minutes and enjoy for a lifetime. pBuzz is a brand new musical instrument that has been designed by a team of musicians, specifically for little hands. Simple and easy to play, the mouthpiece makes it the perfect introduction to music for early learners

The War Child Weekend Box | Weekend Box Club | £9.95
Weekend Box Club, where members receive a fortnightly box of activities to make, bake, create and explore with their children, has announced its Christmas partnership this year is with charity War Child UK, the only specialist charity supporting children affected by conflict. The War Child Weekend Box is limited edition, to raise money for children across the world. The fantastic box includes special themed activities relating to War Child’s work supporting children in conflict. For every bumper festive-themed activity box sold, a donation of £3.80 will go towards helping some of the world’s most vulnerable children.


  1. Some really good ideas there, those Horrible Histories books would be perfect for my son.

  2. You have worked hard to come up with these super ideas - thank you so much.

  3. emily isla09:47

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