The Secret Life of Pets Family Challenge with Energizer

As we all know very well by the recent film, The Secret Life of Pets, all our animals come to life at night and have a whole world of fun in their own adventures. I'm sure it's the same for the boys soft toys too as I always seem to wake up and find them in new, unusual places. 

So, with that in mind and the fact that The Secret Life of Pets has been released on DVD, we have been challenged by Energizer to get creative and make a special sleeping place for our very own soft toys so reveal their imaginative secret life that they get up to whilst we're in the land of nod. 

They sent us a big pack of goodies to help our imagination run wild in building the ultimate pet bed. Everything we will need, from a variety of cardboard boxes, to paints and pens. Energizer is powering family time with a range of batteries and headlamps and so we were also sent light-up goodies to make sure that our toys can navigate around whilst it's dark. 

After checking everything out and working out what theme we could come up with, T had the best idea - an Egyptian style. T is currently learning about Egyptians at the moment at school and absolutely loves anything to do with it. 

So that was our base. We obviously had to try and make a pyramid pet bed to fit along with this theme and then we decided we would work out the rest once we'd managed to get the pyramid up. 

And that was where the hard work started. Do you realise just how hard it is to cut, precisely, 4 triangles and then get them all stuck in place to hold together. Let's just say that cutting out the pet-door and sticking the last sections together were the hardest parts. 

Luckily we had some gold Duck Tape which held it all together really well and worked wonderfully with our Egyptian theme. Sticking inside and out to make sure it held its own once up and standing on its own. We even measured Max against the door to make sure he could get in and out easily.

Energizer has teamed up with Secret Life of Pets to give you the chance to win 1 of 500 soft toys every week. Simply pick up a special promo pack of Energizer from any major participating retailer for a chance to win a plush toy. There are 4 different character toys up for grabs – Max, Duke, Gidget and Snowball.

So, now our pyramid has been built and is ready to go, we got on to decorating it. We wanted to show it like one of the real pyramids somewhat and originally, the Great Pyramid was covered by casing stones that formed a smooth outer surface. Nowadays, all you can see of this is the white at the top of the pyramid. T came up with the idea of making it shiny and so we added a touch of glitter at the top to show where the casing stone is now.

Then just to give a pyramid a little juzzing up, we decided to create even more Egyptian signs which meant that T and C both got to colouring in some cats. The ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, they were worshipped so we just had to have some on our pyramid.

Lastly was our Pharaoh, because you can't have a pyramid without one. We wanted to make ours bright and colourful so T initially coloured it yellow and then filled all the lines in with different colours to make it look royal. Some jewels were added to show that our Pharaoh had riches and then we added some lights to the front entrance.

To make sure our pet could have all the brightness he needed to get out on his adventures on a night, we added an Energizer Magnet Light at the top of the entrance. This might fastened to the pyramid magnetically and a simple press on the front makes it shine super bright. Enough to make sure that it lights up the pet bed on even the darkest of nights.

In the end, Max - our The Secret Life of Pets dog, has got the perfect bed to start his ancient adventures from. Let's just hope he doesn't go chasing all those goddess cats away in the process!

Don't forget to check out our vlog of The Secret Life of Pets Family Challenge below to see how we made it and a view of the finished pet bed.


  1. Its fabulous what you mad
    Ill be checking this one out

  2. What fun. I have a beer bear in my room - he would make a hilarious video !

  3. love this film xx

  4. Looks brilliant, its a great movie

  5. We watched it and loved it too

  6. It looks fantastic, the lights sound good too, my four year old daughter also loves the secret life of pets, we have watched it over and over again xxx

  7. what a great idea! I love encouraging their fantasy play