The Full Heck Deck from HECK

Being a mum to 3 children, I am very conscious of the fact that we need to know where our food has come from and how it has been made. I mean, just because it says 'pork sausages' doesn't mean that there are no additives or nasties. 

So I'm always looking out for new foods to try to get our tastebuds tingling from the deliciousness. HECK are in the sausage and burger business and are based in our neck of the woods in Yorkshire.

Priding themselves on service and flavour, they pull out all the stops to deliver farmers' market quality sausages, working from the farm to he factory to ensure they offer the most unique, healthy and most delicious sausages around. 

All working together on the family farm to bring us sausages packed to the skin with quality, flavour and inspiration. They have traditional pork sausages, square sausages, lower fat chicken ones and a new veggie/vegan range as well as burgers and meatballs too. 

What's more, everything they sell is gluten-free and a great hit with slimmers as they are not synful. We were sent the Full Heck Deck which is made made up of the entire HECK range. From yummy sausages, to tasty burgers and full of flavour meatballs. 

Obviously, we got to trying the sausages straight away. From Zesty Chicken and Chicken Italia, to Chorizo-style and Family Favourite Chipolatas. They even have HECK 97% sausages which are made with 97% pork meat from the best quality shoulder, these sausages are dairy free and gluten free too. We had the chipolatas on our fry up and then went down perfectly. 

Meatballs are a favourite of mine but I've never had chicken ones before. The Chicken Italia Meatballs from HECK are made from British check with basil, tomatoes & mozzarella. I oven roasted these and then served them with a basic arrabiata sauce and pasta. 

Not only were they full of flavour and so, so meaty, but they held together well and worked so well within the meal. I love that they are low fat so great for us who are watching out weight. They are gluten-free too.

Square sausage is something that I don't eat much of but HECK have their very own Fair & Square sausages which are 97% pork. I served them to the boys with some toast and a bit of scrambled eggs. Even the fussiest, T, ate them and exclaimed how much he loved square sausage. 

Overall, I think their produce are amazing, the flavours are divine, and even the prices aren't bad. At the moment, you can even mix and match 10 packs of your choice fr £25. Perfect for stocking up the freezer. 

If I had to choose a favourite, it would be the Chicken Italia Meatballs although both the kids and my husband would say the 97% pork sausages were theirs. For more information, or to order your very own to try, visit the HECK website


  1. Ive tried these too and they are delicious
    Are a bit more expensive than other brands but you know exactly what you are getting

  2. never tried them but ill look out for them x

  3. Ive finally tried this brand and liked it x

  4. I've yet to try this brand but I've heard great things about it. These meals all look fab!

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